David Simmons, Class of '86

Hello all,

I have many fine memories of my time at Baker. As well, I am glad that I still see or hear from many of my friends from those years.

Life has been pretty good to me and especially so in recent times. My wife, Tina, and I are expecting our first child. I hope we name her Sarah , but I think Tina wants it to be Sophia. :)

I live in North Carolina now. Tina and I moved here to be near her family so that we have a few baby sitters close by.

Feel free to e-mail me if you want to catch up on old times. Cheers to Jackie S., Bobby W., Steve W., Wayne W., Clay L., Tony M., and the rest of the class of '86. To all previous girlfriends, your names are being withheld to protect your identity and good name. :-)

February, 2006

David's e-mail address: dave dot simmons at lummus dot com    Contact information for David Baker Lions only

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Me and Tina in Guatemala with special guests Godzilla and many fried villagers
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