Robert "Bobby" Whorton, Class of '86

Hi Everybody,

I am glad I have found this site and can see the folks from the class of 86 on it.

Well in school I was in ROTC for 4 years, participated in the rifle team , color guard, CJ Club, Mass media club and also on the first soccer team at Baker. My most memorable times at Baker seems to be the time before the Class day began and at lunch (and unfortunately it wasn't the fine cuisine they prepared for us), but because those times seem like the moments we hung out together the best.

After graduating I enlisted in the Army Reserves and enrolled in Columbus College. After 21/2 years I decided it wasn't for me. I was combat medic in the reserves and looked into becoming an EMT. Low and behold 2 years later I earned a paramedic license. I have worked for Stewart County EMS, several private services in Atlanta and for the past 8 years I have been with Grady EMS.

I also have been married to Sonja for 6 years. She teaches with the Cobb County School System. We have will now plan on starting our family this year in 2006. I am glad to see you all have done well and I will definatly look foreward to seeing you all at the 20 year reunion. On April 2006, I will have completed 01 year as a civilian contractor supporting the US Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I can honestly say the experiance has made an inpact on my life, and increased my appreciation for our way of life in the states.

I have more appreciation than ever before for all who wear a military uniform and especially have been put in harms way and continue to be motivated and perform their mission. HOOAH!

March, 2006

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Here I am at work in 2000.
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This is me and my wife Sonja in 2001.
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Iraq April 2005
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