Michael Dean Wells, Class of '87

Our Wedding Date 3/13/99 

About-Baker: I started at Baker as a fresman in 1984. My freshman year I did not do a whole lot in the way of extra carricular activities. I was in the criminal justice club, and my first of four years in the marching/concert band under the direction of Mr. Hugh Evers. My first year was mostly a learning experience about high school life. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of new friends. My two best friends were Peter Bagarella and Jeff Griffin. Together the three of us had some unforgetable times! My senior year was The most fun. I got to do things and go places with some great friends. I guess my most memerable Baker moment was the Senior day and the skit we did, "Nightmare on Baker Street" How many of you remember that? The four years I spent at Baker were some of the most memerable and fun times I had growing up. I can remember sitting in the classrooms sweating to death in the spring, and freezing to death in the winter. The air-conditioned the classrooms shortly after I graduated. When the turned Baker into a middle school, It was like I lost a good friend. To make a long story short, I look back on my high school days with great fondness. I sometimes find myself wishing I could do it all over again! :-)

After-Baker: After I Graduated from Baker, I moved to Montgomery, Alabama and got a job at a local TV station where I was trained as a news photographer. A few years after that I met a wonderful woman named Robin and married her in March of '99. Later we moved to Knoxville, Tennessee (home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers) where I curently work as a news producer.

August, 2008

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