Janna Faye Bolles (Capes), Class of '88

I attended Baker from 1984 thru 1987. While at Baker I was Janna Bolles. I was very active in the school. I was a in cheerleading, dandylions, Criminal Justice, ECO, FTA, Student Government, Cross Country,Who's Who's Nominee and Most School Spirited. I have so many memories of Baker and all my friends. Those were the best of times. I am married and have two beautiful children. James Michael who is 9 and JoJanna Lanae who is 7. I married Nathan Capes a graduate from Central High in 1985. We live in Phenix City. We have been married for 12 yrs. I work for a Orthodontist in Columbus. My husband works for LaFarge in Columbus.I spend a lot of time with my kids doing all kinds of activites. They are involved in Football,Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball and Karate. I am the Cheer Mom and the Team Mom for Baseball. Lanae takes Karate at Smith's Station Intermediate Scholl in the after school program. I want to keep them just as busy as I was. They both make good grades in school also.

September, 2002

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