Sherry Elaine Brown (Ford), Class of '88

I enjoyed attending Baker and my friends I hung out with Pamela Draine, Regina Bellamy, Ramona Bradford, Pamela Edmonds, etc.... I have been married now for almost 16 years and we still live here in Columbus. We have our own home and have 3 wonderful children. Our son; Demetrius(17)attends Carver High School and is in the Magnet Program there. He's very smart and passed all parts of the graduate test on the first try in his junior year, he will graduate class of 2006. We have 2 daughters; Purshondranekeia (15) and will be attending Kendrick this year and our baby Dartangala (4) and spoiled.

June, 2005

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On the left is my 4 year old Dartangala "Tan", and my right is 15 year old Purshondranekeia "Shondr a"

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