Robin Michelle Coker, Class of '88

Hey, it's me, Ms. Most Friendly! Yeah, right. I truly enjoyed every year I was at Baker High. Being in all the clubs was fun, but I have to say that the people I encountered there were what made it so great. I was on the softball team for 4 yrs. and I would say my most memorable moment (that I can mention) was hitting a grand-slam against Columbus at Lake Bottom Park as a freshman.

After high school, I served 5 yrs. in the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. I thought high school was fun. It was a great experience. Seen some nice places, too. After the Navy, I moved back to Columbus to become a Radiologic Technologist, which is what I'm doing today. I will probably move elsewhere to capitalize on my skills because THE PAY IN COLUMBUS SUCKS! Oh yeah, I have a beautiful four-legged son, named Dusty. He is a cocker spaniel and all the child I want for now.

December, 1997

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