Peter Gabriel Danois, Class of '88

I really did not do much at baker, until my junior year. The only thing I did was to be a manager for the soccer team.

After graduation, I went to work with the Army Corps of Engineers, Vicksberg District, in Arkadelphia Arkansas. I returned to Columbus in September and Started working with the Special Education Department at Baker High School. I remained at Baker until it closed its doors as a High School. I was transferd to Spencer and remained there for 1 1/2 years. It was not like Baker so I resigned and transfered to the Transportation Dept where I am currently employed. I also work part-time with the Columbus Parks and Recreation Dept, been there since 1991.Since 98 I no longer work at MCSD or Parks & Rec. Now, I am at Columbus State University. I am in the Transportation department. Been here now for 6 years and loving it.Currently Married have 2 stepsons 12 and 6 and a daughter 4 years old

February, 2004

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