Michael Dewayne Latimer, Class of '88

ALLIED HEALTH CLUB 87- Vice President 88
Most Spirited (Senior Year)
My most memorable moments. Senior Skit Day Honoring Dr. Kurzan. And I QUOTE "One Day You May Be On Jeapordy."

Since leaving B.H.S. in 1988. For one year I did nothing. July 1989, I enlisted into the U.S. Navy, and . I`ve been all over the world....I met my beautiful wife (Monica Watson of Hampton, Va) in 1993....We have two children Ravon and AdJane'... In July 1996 I and my ships crew (USS Grapple ARS-53) was involved in the recovery of TWA Flight 800..We were there for ninety-eight days...My future plans of becoming a naval officer are well on it's way and after touring in the Navy with my family for a couple of years we plan to reside in Atlanta...Hope to see you at the class reunion !!

November, 1997

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