Amy Adams (Parker), Class of '90

Well...I had a pretty uneventful High School experience. It went by so fast. I do remember plenty of good times, which I don't think I would have had without some crazy friends. And now...I am happily married to my husband for 14 years, and we have 3 great kids. The oldest child will be 14 next month, Briana. The youngest girl will be 13 in Feburary, Olivia. Then there is my baby boy, who just turned 7, Donavon. Sometimes I think "WOW", because I never wanted any children, or to be married. I guess you really don't know what you want, or what you need. I was a stay at home mother until 2001. I decided that right around the corner the children would be grown and gone. I went to Ohio State University and took some evening classes in Business Administration, as well as some Microsoft trainig, and before I knew it I was working at Dealers Lumber Co. I now am the Head Administrator of one of their manufacturing plants, and am the only women working in the facility. I always did get along with guys better than girls, LOL. I am currently in Ohio, but would rather be closer to home. I try to visit as often as possible, but that only seems to be about once a year. Just can't imagine living any other life. So very Blessed. Hope all is well with everyone of you, God Bless...

January, 2006

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