Amy Marie Adams (Parker), Class of '53

I have superceeded all dreams that I had during highschool. My dreams were to go to The Art Institute of Atlanta, and become a Graphic Artist, but before I could go I had a change of plans. I decided I wanted a taste of freedom first. This was the start of wonderful times for me. I soon met my future husband, Donnie M Parker. My husband and I have had three children. Two daughters and a son, Briana Marie(13), Olivia Shavon(12), and Donavon Phillip(6). I now live in Ohio, and could not be happier. I never thought in a million years that being a stay at home mother would be this great(I did'nt really like kids when I was in high school). In 1999, I decided I wanted a little more out of the house time. I then went to college and took some business courses, as well as some programing classes. I now work for a company that builds houses. I am very pleased with my success. It is amazing how plans change from day to day. May 2005

May, 2005

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