Charo Batina "Tina" Austin (Agee), Class of '90

Hi all! I'm a mom now to two beautiful girls! I've been married for going on 4 years! I've been to Korea, Japan, Washington State and now I'm settled in Arizona. It's been a long road since graduating from Baker. I've had my share of ups and downs. I've collected so many credits in school that I should have a Bachelors in something. I am currently going to school for Criminal Justice. I love Cops, Law and Order and CSI!!!! Those are cool shows! My loves are my kids, my husband and my computer. I love taking photographs of people. I love faces. I want my own studio to do digital photography in. It's a pipe dream, but a dream I'm willing to full-fill one of these days. My body has gone through a lot of changes. I've survived Cancer and I'm currently living with degenerative joint disease of the knees and hips, amongst other things. I miss my mother and grandmother who both passed away in 1999, merely 7 months apart. I've grown up alot. I've changed the way I look at things and people. I'm not a popular person, no more than I was in high school. To end, I hope all have had a healty life. I hope you've found love and kept it. I hope you received everything your hearts desired or at least are reaching for it. Good luck to you all. Peace be with you! Tina @{-------

September, 2004

Tina's e-mail address: charoagee at hotmail dot com    Contact information for Tina Baker Lions only

More Pictures

This is me at Camp Stanley, Korea!
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I loved every moment of it!

I miss the scenery! It was beautiful there!
Camp Stanley, Korea
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These are my girls. Rachel and Felicity!
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They are much bigger now! And more of a handful!

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