James C. Bazzetta (now James Hall Strong), Class of '90

Received various academic awards at Baker. Graduated second in class.

I attended Georgia Tech in Atlanta for a while and did fairly well, but left when I realized a life in the sciences was not for me. I moved to Sarasota on Florida's Sun Coast where I worked at odd jobs - including some intern/volunteer work at a marine laboratory and a botanical garden. I spent a tremendous amount of time reading (on the beach) and writing, and it was in Sarasota that I realized that it was not science or medicine but literature that was my true calling. Eventually I tired of the endless lazy days on the beach and decided to kick-start my life. I took a trip to Washington, DC, in October of 1993 and fell in love with the city. I moved there a month later. Through a bit of dumb luck I got on with a small Internet firm in Georgetown. I found in this new medium exactly what I had been looking for (it's an art and a science) and learned all that I could, eventually moving on to a large public relations firm and ultimately to Discovery Communications - home of The Discovery Channel, among others, where I work today. Our website is among the most popular in the world, and it's a great place to work. So, I build Web pages during the day and write at night. I have also begun to lay the foundations for my own Internet business, and will be returning to school to study literature soon. I live just across the Potomac from Washington in beautiful Old Town Alexandria.

May, 1998

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