Richard G. Marcum, Class of '90

Graduation Day With Beth Fuller and Best Friend James McClasky 

After Baker I went to Mercer University in Macon, GA. I was a much better student in college than I was growing up. I was also more involved on campus. I held several executive positions in my fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, eventually serving as President. I was an executive member of the Intra-Fraternity Council and the Order Of Omega Greek Honor Society. I was also honored with membership in Blue Key and the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Societies. I Graduated from Mercer in 1994 with B.A.s in Communication/Theatre Arts and History. I am currently working at Mercer University as the Instructional Media Center Supervisor/Public Relations Committee Chair. The media position is a recent promotion and expansion from my duties as music library supervisor that I held for most of the past 11 years. I never made time to go to grad school for my Master of Library Science degree, but I perform all the functions of a music librarian. I hope to make time to get my MLS soon to make it official. Alongside my library career I have simultaneously developed careers in videography and the music industry. I worked for a time designing posters for a rock club, and filming weddings, theatre and rock bands. In late '97 I was hired by rap-metal pioneers Stuck Mojo as their merchandiser and videographer. I left Mercer and went on a world tour for most of 1998. In late '98 I returned to my position at Mercer, but have continued to work with Stuck Mojo as well as the bands Fozzy, Sick Speed, The Duke, and Lilitu as my schedule allows. I also continue in videography as producer of a cable-access show for the local arts alliance. I am still single--mostly by choice, but also because I haven't met the one that makes me want to settle down. Most of the new people I meet are spread around the world, which makes things difficult. I do have three wonderful nephews and a niece. For now I am happy just being an uncle.

January, 2006

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Graduation Day with Beth Fuller and Best Friend James McClasky
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This was the last night of Stuck Mojo's tour of Spain with Pantera. That's me next to Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.).
Richard On Tour With Stuck Mojo and Pantera--Spain '98
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Richard and Uta, Munich 2005
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This was on my most recent European tour with the metal bands Stuck Mojo and Fozzy. Uta is my "Black-Metal Princess", and the only girl I know into extreme heavy metal.

This is my great friend Benny and I in Munich. It's great to tour the world and make friends, but sad that you only get to see them every few years--if your lucky.
Richard and Bernadette, Munich 2005
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Richard With Stuck Mojo and The More I See--Berlin
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That's me in front. This is on the Stuck Mojo reunion tour with UK metal band The More I See. The bloke behind me was guitarist for The Prodigy.

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