Michael Radney, Class of '90

I wasn't too active around Baker because I was working throughout high school, but I did find time to become a member of Coach Dawson's Criminal Justice Club, where I was Sergeant at Arms on the CJ Council. Just being with friends who were like family to me is what I most remember about Baker.

I had planned on attending Morris Brown College in Atlanta after Baker, but things didn't work out so I decided to move back to Columbus to find work. I worked different odd jobs until 92 when I was hired at Boral Brick (formerly Bickerstaff) in the sample department. I received a promotion to the firing department and am currently Plant 41 & 42 Ceramic Engineering firing supervisor. Boral is helping me with expenses for courses in ceramic engineering at Clemson University in Clemson, S.C. I still have a long road to travel to receive a degree, but no road is too long when you set your mind, body, and soul to something.

I'm currently single and have a five year old daughter who lives in another city and state.

October, 1997

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