JaLunda Banks, Class of '91


I am still living in Metro Atlanta (Stone Mountain, GA). A very special change took place in my life. On October 19, 2005, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, Taylor MacKenzie. She is my world. In June 2005 (five months pregant :)), I graduated from DeVry University with an AAS in Electronics and Computer Technology. I will be returning back to DeVry (Sept. '07) to pursue my BS in Technical Management. I am currently contracting with Nova Information Systems. Upon or after graduating, I will soon be following a career in the field in which I hold my degree(s). I hope all is well with everyone. God bless you! Take care.

March, 2009

JaLunda's e-mail address: jp underscore banks at msn dot com    Contact information for JaLunda Baker Lions only

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