David ""Health Spa"" Copeland, Class of '91

Hello Classmates, I hope you all are in good health and spirits! I am currently in the US Navy (13 years Plus) Joined right after graduation. I'm stationed at San Antonio TX on Lackland Air Force base. I have 3 wonderful kids, Dasha, David Jr and Davon 12, 11 and 7 years old. The thing I most remember at Baker is the times myself and some of the guys (you know who you are) would pretend to be pro wrestlers (ie The Undertaker Tyrone W.)in the weight room and beat up on each other. I had fun on the Freshman football team as well. This is where I earned the nickname "Health Spa" because Coach Ragel said that all I wanted to do was lift weights. I guess that's a guy thing? But I liked chillin with the girls in Mrs. Thomas's Home-Ec class too. Don't laugh, I can say the names of all the guys on the football team who were in there with me for an easy credit:) God Bless!!

May, 2005

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