Nathan Jerome "Nate" Francis, Class of '91

My years since graduating from Baker have been good. Here's a little snapshot of my life since leaving Baker... - After graduation went into USN's Boost Scholarship Program... - After leaving BOOST, enrolled at Florida A&M University... - After leaving FAMU, went back to Columbus and worked for a year (I was supposed to be saving money for grad school...) - After a year in Columbus, enrolled in Masters program at George Washington University... - After I finished at GW, went to work for DC Government doing revenue estimates... - After crunching numbers for three years, came to work in the Mayor's office... - Married in Sept. 2002 (My wife's name is Etriya...She's not foreign unless you consider Florida foreign)... - Daughter (Hannah) born in March 2004... - Loving life... - Hope everyone is doing well... - Wishing blessings for all of you. I've run into a few BHS alums since I've been here...It's always good to see folks from back home.

May, 2005

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