William Lopez, Jr., Class of '91

Many wonderful memories with some great friends. The years at Baker will never be forgotten. Those years contain the experiences that helped me to become the person that I am now. I had the greatest friends that helped me along those years. I hope that one day we all can be together again.

After Baker, I joined the Army and have been to many places (SC, VA, TX, Cuba, Korea, GA, and WA). During my service, I met my wife Stacie (Married May 1993) and now we have three wonderful children (Anthony, Timothy, and Kimberly). In May 2002, I received my BS in Computer Science at Tarleton State Univ-Central Texas in Killeen, TX. I got out of the Army in March 2004. I worked as a Technical Support Technician for a local company in Harker Heights, TX. In Nov 2004, I started a job with a government ageny in DC as a Windows System Administrator.

I have met with some old friends, Nate and Eddie, and have heard from Angel. Good to hear from you.

Well, I hope to hear from others and I would love to talk about old times.

Take Care.

Keep in touch.

February, 2006

William's e-mail address: william underscore lopezjr at hotmail dot com    Contact information for William Baker Lions only

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