Jason Delamater, Class of '92

Update. Lost the Baker Link, but recently found it again. Lots of updates since my original posting in 98. Left Japan and took assignments in Turkey and England. Got married in 1999. Became a dad (son Joshua) in 2003. New assignment to Hurlburt Field, FL. Expecting baby #2 (a girl) in early December of this year. Lucky to have my career give me opportunities to catch up with former classmates. Met up with Shawna Berry and her sister Carin in D.C. recently. Look forward to hearing from other folks from the displaced Class of '92.

October, 2005

Jason's e-mail address: jmj2004 at mchsi dot com    Contact information for Jason Baker Lions only

More Pictures

The Delamater Family
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Picture taken at Beasley Park, Fort Walton Beach Florida. We are currently stationed at Hurlburt Field, FL.

The newest addition to the Delamater family. Maya was born 2 Dec 05 at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.
Maya Nurel Delamater
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