Morocka Bledsole, Class of '94

About-Baker: When I attended Baker I was apart of the Marching Band. I also was a member of the tennis team and the Ecology club. Almost everyday was memorable for me while I was at Baker. The one thing that sticks out the most in my mind was the fantastic football season we had that year. I also remember the good time I spent in Coach C Liner class even though I was not in that biology class at that time. After-Baker: Since leaving Bake I continued on to Carver High School and graduated in 1994. I had a son in June of 1994. I later trained and worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA)at Dearfield and worked for Columbus Regional for roughly 5 years. I am enrolled in Columbus Technical College getting my degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering. I am currently working at Office Depot and going to school. I have 3 more quarters to go. Upon completion of school I plan to start a rewarding career-not just a job- as an Engineer, programing plcs(logic controls).

August, 2001

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