Ms Vivi Anne Johnson, Faculty

Ms. Johnson taught English from 1982 until 1991.

She writes: Every day at Baker was a memorable one for me. In twenty-five years of teaching, my nine years at Baker were the absolute BEST! The absolute worst day was in the fall of 1990, the day of the big game against Kendrick (which we won), when the faculty was told that Baker would be closed at the end of the year. We fought so hard, but we weren't able to pull out the save. I wish this page had been here then. We solicited help from as many alumni as we could find during the following months. Not many came through.

I have been at Carver since the merger in 1991; I still teach English. I am also the coordinator for the GSAMS (Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System) network, a two-way audio/video interactive network. I have started this year teaching English at Columbus Technical College.

June, 1997

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