Mr. George W. Terrell, Jr., Faculty

My first teaching job out of graduate school was as a history/geography teacher at Baker in the fall of l974. I taught there in the 74/75 school year and 75/76 school year and then returned to graduate school at Auburn. I was hired in the social science department at Gadsden State Community College in l980 and have been in Gadsden, AL ever since. I am now the department head and am teaching the CHILDREN of folks I taught here years ago. I keep up thru the mail with only one of my former students but recognized the names of MANY in the years I looked thru. I remember being asked to be a "judge" at the Dandelion try-outs one year and so it would be fair for all--all had to dance to the same music! For what seemed like hours over and over BAD-BAD LEROY BROWN played and even now when I hear it, I can remember all those pump- kicks! When I lived in Columbus, it was in the "guest house" of Agnes Albright who had ALBRIGHT's florist. Until her death about 5 years ago, I would get down for a quick visit every couple of years. I remember running into the Kmart near her home and as I headed to the Health and Beauty aids section to get a tooth-brush(forgot to pack one) I heard a voice say to someone they were with, "that's Mr. Terrell-- he was my Geography teacher!" That was at least 20 years since I had taught there or that student had seen me but they had remembered me! Before I could turn around they disappeared. I hope the folks I taught(or in the case of some ATTEMPTED to teach) have had nice lives and turned out well.

March, 2003

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