@Baker Privacy Policy

@Baker is a Web site for students, faculty and friends of Baker High School, Columbus, Georgia. The domain name is owned by Lambda Epsilon Omega, the national BHS Alumni Association. The software and server are maintained by volunteers. We collect data "off line" from yearbooks and graduation programs to construct rolls of the Baker classes and faculty. We also collect data on line to allow each Baker Lion to maintain a Web page on @Baker. The purpose of this activity is to allow Baker students and faculty to keep up with each other, and to make contact if they want to.

No information collected on @Baker is ever sold or otherwise transferred by us for commercial purposes. @Baker does not use "cookies." Although cookies are mostly harmless and can make using a Web site much easier, they've gotten such bad press that we're making do without them.

Web Visitors: We maintain a log of "page hits" for capacity planning, traffic measurement and troubleshooting. This log includes the numeric Internet address you used to access @Baker. We retain these logs for three to six months. We do not match the Internet addresses recorded with any other databases nor attempt to identify individuals.

If You Sign Our Guestbook: Your information will be sent to our Webmaster via e-mail. If you were a student or faculty member at Baker and you provide contact information about yourself or other Lions, we will retain that information permanently. We may share it with class committees who may contact you about reunions or other activities, and with Lambda Epsilon Omega, the national BHS Alumni Association. It will not be sold or used for commercial purposes.

If You Sign In: Former students and faculty members are invited to "sign in." The sign-in forms indicate which items of information will appear on the Web pages and which will not. You are given an opportunity to tell us which information may be shared and which must be kept private. Your information will not be sold or used for commercial purposes by us. It may be shared with class committees who may contact you about reunions or other activities, and with Lambda Epsilon Omega, the national BHS Alumni Association. Information that you permit us to publish on @Baker is available to anyone with access to the Internet, and others may attempt to collect or use this information for purposes not approved by @Baker or Lambda Epsilon Omega.

By signing in, you opt in to use of information on @Baker. You control what information is collected and used, and you may opt out of the use of any information except the directory information in our class and faculty rolls by logging in and changing your preferences. You may make this choice at any time, and as many times as you want to.

We require a valid e-mail address before you can change your information on the @Baker server. However, we will use that address only to send you security information concerning your use of @Baker unless you opt in to other uses. You can change your mind and opt out at any time. You may change your preference as many times as you want to.

Faculty and Class Listings: We have obtained the class rolls and class photographs of as many Baker students and faculty as possible. These were obtained from a variety of sources, including yearbooks and graduation programs. We believe this to be "directory information" and that we are not required to obtain permission to publish it.

Disputes: Each Baker Lion who has signed in has complete control of the nature and content of information about him or her that is published on the @Baker. For this reason, we expect there will be few or no disputes about our data practices. If you wish to contact us about data published or collected on @Baker, please write to hostmaster at Baker dot HS dot ORG

Release for Law Enforcement: Information from server logs and other sources will be released to law enforcement and computer security agencies and may be matched to other databases in case of a malicious attack on our server or in response to a valid subpoena or court order. We reserve without limitation the right to cooperate with law enforcement and other agencies in the investigation of claimed illegal acts.

For a human-readable version of our electronic (P3P) privacy policy, please visit w3c/baker_privacy.html. The electronic policy is just an encoded version of the material above. It is used by some Web browsers to display a privacy indicator. You might want to look at it out of curiosity to see what an electronic policy looks like, or to verify that the electronic policy matches what you've just read.