Date: Friday, July 7, 2006

Subject: Snoozn and Cruisn Lions

Avast and Ahoy Lionlubbers and wannabees,

Appears you all wanna go sailing!!!    Great!

Just hang on to your oars and let me get some details finalized. I'll send you more info than you want--eventually . Meanwhile, get those passports ready!  

Basic plans are as follows.. Early May, 07 for departure from Port Canaveral. Did I mention we're looking at the Royal Carribean cruise line for this outing (sounds like an afternoon picnic)? May well be the Sovereign of the Seas (recently received a comlplete refit--as seen on some travel channel). Did I mention you really NEED to get your passport ready ASAP????

Okay, again it's early May, 07 for four nights. Sounds like the cost will be between 385 and 450 per person (dbl occupancy). This is still ballpark; dates are not yet firm.

Did I mention the possibility of a charter bus from Columbus? Lots of Lions there! We'll have an all day stop at a private island, maybe Cocoa Key, and visit at least one port--may be Bahamas and or Nassau. As I said, details aren't ironed out yet. But you can bet whatever we do will be terrific! Send in your ideas and suggestions, too.

Woody "First Mate" Hayes 70 has suggested a hippie party on the island, also a costume party on one night, and we're looking at the music very closely. Hmmm, we also want to get together old photos of Lions from "the back in the day" as well as movie clips (i.e. 35 mm home movies). Maybe we can video all of the pics for posterity . Memorabilia collectors among us are interested in that stuff, too. 

Seems like there was a bit more...oh!  Could really use some help contacting all our classmates!  All we have to go by are the contacts on Baker website (lots of those email addresses are no good) and the little we get from each other, so please consider volunteering to make phone calls to classmates from your year (and others if you like) just to give them this email address if (they're interested and who wouldn't be?).  

Be sure to include your Baker name and year of graduation (or would have been…) when you email  

Last note: problems with yahoo and more than a couple of addresses in blind copy box. Seems I am denied if I try to "protect" your address. Since these emails are all going ONLY to Lions interested in our cruise, I won't try to send them as blind copies. Hope you don't have a problem with that    

Thanks for any and all help, suggestions, and ideas...   Lions are Simply the Best!

Cherry Dawn Langley    Baker Lion Class of 70

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Subject: Lions and Anchors

Ahoy There Lions,  

Get your passports now! You can't board a cruise ship after Jan 1, 07 without a current passport. No exceptions! Don't wait cause the price is going up; it's about $90.00 right now!  

Lions (50 and older) who want to sail the seven seas should---(actually... we're not "sailing"-- the ship is a motorized vessel; and we're not even motoring on a "sea" --it's an ocean, but -- what the hell, it sounds good) soooooo, weigh? or is it way?  anchor and email this special  address that will be used only for the cruise plans  

Arrr-har, swab them decks ye scallawags! Egad, can you see what's happening to me? You had to know I would start getting cute with all this somehow. Anyway, thanks for spreading the word.   Lions are Simply the Best!

Cherry Dawn (Langley Chambers)

Baker's Best Lion Fest, Class of '70

Luv My Lions!!!

Date: Friday, June 23, 2006

Subject: Cruisn’ Lions Announcement

Greetings Fellow Lions,  

Just in case you are interested…and feel free to pass this along to other Lions…  

Some of us “senior” Lions have been discussing a Cruisn’ Lions reunion for spring of 07. We want the gathering to be held to ages 50 and over for the enjoyment of those Lions who still like to party, but like to party at a slooower pace than the younger cubs. Since we couldn’t decide where the class cut-off should be, we just set age 50 as the lower limit (get your Red Hats out).  

Help us spread the word. Interested Lions (50 and older) should email this yahoo address set up solely for this gathering:  

Since my email inbox filled up with junk and spam from using it to plan the Baker’s Best Lions Fest Class of 70 reunion, this special email address will be used only for the cruise plans.  

Thanks for any and all help. I’ll forward the information on the cruise directly to you when I get your email.  

Lions are Simply the Best!

Cherry Dawn Langley (Chambers), Class of '70