B.U.M.S. 2000

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B.U.M.S. 2000 was Baker's Ultimate Millennium Sock-hop, Baker High School's first all-class reunion. Months of preparation and hundreds of hours of hard work by dozens of committee members made this the biggest Baker sock-hop ever and the largest reunion ever held in Columbus. As the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer put it, "not bad for a school that no longer exists." Not bad indeed! Baker Lions can do anything!

It's impossible to mention everyone who contributed to the success of this millennial event, but a few people really sparked the project. Carolyn Hall Tidd '70 was a tireless leader and the sleuth who tracked down the Baker Lion. Dell Emerson '69 served as the reunion Webmaster who made certain B.U.M.S. 2000 had a presence on the Internet. Roy Cook '68 organized events and provided leadership.

Like any school morning, Lions stream toward
Like any school morning, Lions stream toward Baker. (Thanks to Becky Dewald for this photo.)  
For many, the weekend began on Thursday with pre-reunion parties. On Friday night, Baker Lions completely overwhelmed the Columbus Hilton with the kickoff party.

Saturday began with one last nostalgic visit to the halls of Baker. Lions came by car, trolley, and tour bus. We streamed toward the school and prowled the halls. We wrote our names on the blackboards and remembered the things we did at Baker. Pointing to a dark corner behind the stage, someone said, "That's where I kissed Carol for the first time!" People who had never met shook hands and introduced themselves by name and class year.

The school had been closed more than six months earlier and was in a state of disrepair that made us sad. Even so, we were glad we came back for a last look.