Class of '73 Reunion 1998

The Class of '73 held their 25th reunion on July 10 and 11, 1998. We had a GREAT time. Here are some of the highlights as written by Terry (Nunnally) Todd:

FRIDAY: Stef, Bobby, and Wanda enjoyed a "day-at-the-pool". I joined them later and took a quick dip before getting ready for the evening. Friday night was a lot of fun. Not everyone expected showed up but some "new faces" did. The room was set up with round tables and a food table for the appetizers. Jennifer (Warren) Duncan had little "Tea lights" on each table - very pretty. We had annuals (the Eddy Jr High annuals were a hit!) scattered around the room. I noticed folks laughing the most at the Eddy annuals. Boy - those were some goofy-looking pictures - mine included! Some of us had some fun with South Columbus elementary pictures. Some of you folks that went to Key or Benning Hills will have to bring your pictures to the 30th. It was so much fun talking to old friends and renewing friendships. Every reunion I go to I am impressed by the fact that our class shares a "close bond". So many people commented on this at the reunion - talking about the close friendships - we really did share a lot throughout the "school" years. The other good thing about reunions is the "high school click" days are over - I saw people talking to each other that might not have been in the "same circle" in high school but that no longer matters. I love that. Anyway - (getting a bit mushy here....) it was bunches of fun and of course, we weren't ready for it to end at 11:00 p.m. A lot of us stayed in the room yacking until 12:00 then we hung out in the hall for another hour or so until one obnoxious person (Me!) kept complaining about being hungry so long until we finally decided to "take the party" to IHOP. That was a hoot too. It was me, Wanda, Bobby, Stef, Barden, Tom, Nathan, Charlie. I know IHOP was glad when we left. Stef and I got back to Shelley's around 2:30-ish and crashed.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Barden, Stef, and I shopped at Sam's buying food for the pool party then headed for Mrs. Mowery's. Mrs. Mowery was so gracious to let us use her house and pool area...........We had plenty of help setting everything up - as people arrived they jumped in and helped wherever it was needed. Great bunch of folks! Wanda and Bobby Tillman set up the "music center" - speakers, amps, and all - good "70's" music - Barden had recorded a tape of "oldies" from CDs for our "listening pleasure". Of course, not everybody wanted to sport a swimsuit but just about everyone got wet or thrown in regardless of their attire. I was spared a full-dunk but did get wet waist high (guess they figured if they threw me in with my sun dress on we all might be embarrassed at the results!) I don't know the exact number of folks we had but I do know that everyone had a good time - most everybody stayed well after the 3:00 "party-over" time. We had lots of help cleaning up then rushed to home/hotel, etc. to get ready for the evening.

SATURDAY EVENING: More "new" faces - some folks only made it to this "to-do". Olan Mills "gotcha" as you walked in to get your picture taken for the memory book. (We're planning to scan in (to @Baker) the reunion memory books - so you'll all get to see them.) Jennifer Warren started us off by introducing the committee members - we all pranced up to the lion and "took our bows". We remembered our deceased with a moment of silence then Robin Fitch led us in a prayer and blessing for our food. We had a southern menu - ribs, fried chicken, corn on cob, etc. It was real good. Then Bobby Tillman and Danny Redding strummed the guitar awhile for us - Bobby singing. Then the band got up and started "jamming" our favorite "oldies". We had a lot of folks out "cutting a rug" most of the night. Some folks stayed in the "dance room" yacking at the tables; or dancing on the dance floor which was in the middle of the room (surrounded by the tables); or out in the hallway. It's like we had another party (a yacking party) going on right outside the "ballroom". It was great to see everyone having a good time. It was over all too fast - 1:00 a.m. came around all too soon. The band played 2 slow songs as their last songs. The "hallway party" continued for awhile - we weren't ready to leave. In fact, Wanda, Bobby, Tom, Barden and I sat at the "sign-in" desk until about 4:00 a.m. in the morning - laughing; telling stories; etc............

SUNDAY MORNING: Wanda, Bobby, Tom, Charlie and I went to Waffle house for breakfast and ran into Sue Snelling. She was on call for the weekend (nurse) so wasn't able to make the reunion but we did have fun talking with her at our "reunion breakfast".

Well - guess that about covers it - wanted to give those of you who didn't get a chance to come an idea of what went on. I hope y'all will be able to make the 30th. I am positive you would enjoy it. Also, wanted to let you know the Baker Lion now lives in Wyndol Montgomery's barn!

Terry (Nunnally) Todd

Also, please help us continue to "look-for" '73 grads we have lost contact with. If you know how to reach one of these people or if you need to update your address/phone number, please contact Terry Todd.