Muscogee County Schools Shift to Twelve Years

Yes, Virginia, it is true. In the far-distant past, Georgia law required only 11 grades for graduation from high school. When that law was changed, schools switched to the new 12-grade system at various times within a short time window. Baker switched in the school year that began in the fall of 1950.

This means that the Lions who graduated in 1951 had been seniors for two years. They were in the 11th grade, the top grade, in 49-50, and in the brand-new 12th grade, the top grade, in 50-51. Actually, a goodly number of the 11th-grade-seniors in 49-50 were allowed to graduate, after pleading something akin to the NFL hardship case.

I graduated in 1952, the second class to go 12 years. So I never had an option.

We thought we'd have a killer of a football team in 1950, because of our "redshirts." I mean, after all, seniors who can come back with another year of eligibility should be able to do better. 'Twas not to be, however. We got shellacked by Central in the opening game and it went downhill from there. I checked to see just how bad it was, and the '51 Arrowhead didn't even list the games, the scores, or the record. Unfortunately -- or maybe fortunately -- time has erased the details from my memory. Ed Wolfe was the head coach then, and for a number of years following.

Just in passing -- I've been reading all the recent (to me) memories of you guys from the 60's and 70's, and it's been very interesting. Those of us from the Eisenhower years are not, as sometimes thought, incredibly dull and bland -- there are some great memories from those times, too. Maybe if the glorious 2000 reunion takes place, there'll be a moment or two for us oldies to recollect a bit.

Bill Dawson '52

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