Baker and Baker Village in the Early Years

Since there seems to be some interest in Baker's early years, I thought I'd pass this along. First, Baker Village and Baker Village School (later known as just Baker) were built in the early 1940's to house and school military families/dependents (Baker Village was a Government Housing Project and patrolled routinely by military police); this was brought about due to the heavy influx of personnel at Ft. Benning in support of the war effort. I was one of the early military brats to attend Baker and entered the 4th grade there in 1943 (my step-father was sent overseas with the 82nd Airborne Division and my mother, brother, and I had returned to Columbus from Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, NC). I might also mention that we lived at 110 Fletcher Ave........I've noticed that many of you have made reference to that address. Fletcher Ave was a part of Benning Park (I suppose it still is) and in those days, there were no paved was country. Cows, horses, chickens, etc. were a common sight in the area. Our house on Fletcher had all the country amenities.........outhouse, water well off the back porch, fireplaces for heat and a wood stove in the kitchen for cooking and heating bath water. I remember very well walking to school on those unpaved roads and how nice it was when I got to the Baker Village area because those streets were paved (and yes folks, it was uphill both ways).

We attended the Benning Park Baptist Church many of you seem to remember; It was a wooden structure originally. Some of the family surnames in the area back then included Copeland, Redmon, Godwin, Blomberg, Brooks, Cumming, Luke, Levesque, Puckett, Leslie (my step-father), McSwain, and Shepherd. Perhaps a few of these families were still there when you later arrivals came upon the scene. If so, I'd be very interested in your recollections. Guess I've rambled on long enough but thought I'd share with you some of thoughts on what was going on in that area some 54 years ago (My God! Its really been that long hasn't it).

Britt Ware '53

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