Other Important Things -- Start to February 29, 1996

More '65 Pictures

Your Webmaster has been in bed with the crud for several days, so there aren't many changes this week. The only significant thing is that there are over 100 more Class of '65 pictures on line. The ones still missing are letters P-Q-R. Look for them in the next week or so.
February 26, 1996

Hey! We're Indexed!

Digital's AltaVista indexing engine has discovered the Baker pages. Searching AltaVista for the name of a Baker Lion is likely to come up with a pointer to a Baker page. Some of the links are out of date, but we understand that reindexing will fix this automagically. Try this out by searching for Harold Hardy!

Scrapbook Reorganized

We finally got some time to work on the Baker Scrapbook. It's beginning to take shape; you can even find things in it! Now that the reorganization's done, adding new material will be much easier. Walt Egenmaier sent in a note about the fire in the auditorium, and it's the first new thing to be added. Mike Omelanuk provided some a list of links interesting to those who attended school overseas, and they're in the Scrapbook now. We have some material from Sandye Smith, too. Look for it next week.

January Discussion List, Class of '60, Class of '85

The January archive of the Lions-L discussion list is on line, and thanks to Mike Omelanuk '64 for getting it there for us! Glenn Wells sent in a bunch of updates for the Class of '60. In particular, there are many more married name cross references. The pictures of the entire Class of '85 are on line, and thanks to Mr. Henry Aplin, Principal of Baker Middle School, for lending us the '85 Lions' Pride.
February 5, 1996

Halfway There!

We think forty-four classes of seniors graduated from Baker between 1945 and 1989 when Baker ceased to be a high school. As of today, we have class rolls for twenty-three of them. We're more than halfway there! OK, Baker Lions... if your class isn't on the list, it's time to get busy and do some typing! Send e-mail to bbrown@dkmc.org for information on the special format we need, or send a GET FORMAT.TXT command to Lions-L-Request@Baker.HS.org if you're a Lions-L subscriber.

Class of '68 Names On Line

The names of the Class of '68 are on line, and thanks to Jim Penny for typing them in.

The Master Index Works!

The Master Index line on the "People" page is now selectable, and will search all the names we have on line. This index searches a lot of data, so please be patient while it works.

Class of '53 Names On Line

Names of the BHS Class of '53 are on line, and thanks to Britt Ware '53 for getting them typed in. Britt promises us some pictures soon. OK, other classes... where are you?

Baker's Electronic Mailing Lists

A couple of people have asked for more details about how the Baker electronic mailing lists work. There 's an explanation linked to this paragraph. (The link has been removed because the list manager has changed.) If it doesn't make sense, complain to Bob Brown; he wrote it. <grin> On the other hand, if you think it's great, thank Jeannie Sweeney because she wrote the first draft.

New look for the Home Page

Happy New Year, and what do you think of the new Baker Home Page? It loads slightly more slowly because of more graphics, but (maybe) looks more professional. Let us know what you think... use the Webmaster mail link at the bottom of the home page.

'64 Names On Line

The names of members of the Class of '64 are on line. Thanks to Keith Pratt for getting these names typed in for us. Dec 19, 1965

'66 Names On Line

The names of the class of '66 are on line, and thanks to Deborah Alderman Valentine for getting them typed in. There are no pictures yet, but we're working on it. Dec 16, 1965

Indexed Search for Names

Follow the "People" link and you'll find that in addition to the option to browse the list of names for the Class of '65 (as always) you also have the option to search for a specific name. Try it out. If it breaks, which it might because I just invented it, push the "bug button."

Dec 12, 1995

New '65 Pictures

Senior '65 pictures are on line for everyone who had a picture in the '65 Arrowhead down through the letter O. That's about two thirds of them. There'll be more next week, but I can only do about 15 per hour. Stay tuned!

If you attended St. Marys Road Elementary School, check out "The Way We Were - Before 1960."Dec 10, 1995.

Baker's on the Internet

Baker High School is on the Internet! (Er, but you knew that because of where you're reading this!) A few people from the Class of '65 got a wild idea at the 1995 class reunion, and the result is an Internet presence for Newton D. Baker High School, Columbus, Georgia.

One of us (BB) wanted to call this the On-Lions, but he got a resounding, "Eeeyyew! That's disgusting!" from everyone else, so we're playing this (mostly) straight.
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