People (Start to February 29, '96)

February 29, 1996

Johnny Joiner '65 found the Baker page by "pure luck," he says. He was at Baker from '61 to '63, but graduated in 1965 from Leilehua High School in Hawaii, poor thing!

February 26, 1996

Rob Montgomery wrote to set us straight. The Class of '89 was not the last high school class to graduate from Baker. Rob graduated on June 6, 1991. Underclassmen transferred to Carver High after 1991 and Baker became a middle school.

Buddy Hayson ('62) wrote to tell us the annual was wrong, wrong, wrong and that his name's really Frank. It's fixed now!

Oid Rich, '75 has typed the names of the classes of '72 and '75 and they're on line. Sandye Johnson Smith '64 sent class lists for '54, '55, and '56. Mike Omelanuk '64 sent corrections to the January issue of the Lions-L archive. Thanks, guys!

Ann McBride Logan ('63) and her husband, Bill, have left the lights on for us at their own home page. There's a hot link to it from Ann's page here. They also identified two more people from Miss Drew's class. Look in the Scrapbook to find out who! (Nope, Bill isn't the Billy Logan who was BHS'61.)
February 19, 1996

We've heard from Ann McBride Logan ('63) who has travelled the world over, and is now back in Columbus and from Walt Egenmaier who has landed in Evansville, Indiana.

February 5

Dave Simmons ('86) has typed in his senior class roll, and it's on our People Page.

Janice Slone wrote in to correct the spelling for her brother,

John Slone

's name and to give us the sad news that John ('68) died in 1973.

Sandye Johnson Smith ('64) has typed in the names from the classes of 60-63, and they're on the People Page. She also sent in some pictures from the Class of '64 reunion of 1994. Check out the '64 list! There are pictures of Charles Bean, Danny Bedsole, Linda Blair Lawrence, Albert Contois, Linda Johnson Boswell, Jean Lynch Melton, Al Sciarrino, Richards Stewart, and Brenda VanLandingham Miller.

January 29, 1995

Kathy Omelanuk Agar ('66) checked in and provided an update for her personal page. Her brother, Mike ('64) has converted the archive of messages from the Lions-L e-mail discussion list to a more accessible format. Check the Baker Scrapbook to see what he did with the December messages, then subscribe to the discussion list yourself!

Mr. Harold Hardy (faculty) typed in the seniors' names from the classes of '47 and '48. Sandye Johnson Smith ('64) sent in a list from the class of '63. Thanks, Sandye and Mr. Hardy!

January 27, 1996.

Jim Cleveland ('50) sent a note about his time at Baker and after, and also typed in the names of the Class of '50. Thanks, Jim!

January 26, 1996

Linda Herndon Munday ('65) sent in a note about what she's done since graduating from Baker, and so did Deborah Alderman Valentine ('66) and Mike Omelanuk ('64). Sandye Johnson Smith ('64) has completed a bunch of corrections to the Class of '64 list; you can find people by married names now!

Registrations are coming in! We've heard from Michele Forinash Aziz ('74) and her brother Kyle ('71). Michele's working on the '74 name list. Harriet Holton (Phalen) and William Anderson both registered, but didn't list class years or e-mail addresses. We've heard from Steve Whitelaw ('66) and John Small ('64).

January 22, 1996

We have names (but no pictures, yet) for the classes of '45, '46, and '49. Check out the People Page to see names of the first Lions. We believe that 1945 was Baker's first graduating class. Thanks to Daisy Penny, Jeannie and Jim's Mom, for typing these names in! January 15, 1996

The Faculty Index now covers most of the first 20 years of Baker's existance, thanks to Britt Ware and Jeannie Penny Sweeney. You can find them in the faculty section of the "People" page. The individual pages have colleges, degrees, subjects, and a stab at what years they were at Baker. There are still only a few pictures.

January 15, 1996

Joe Butterfield ('64) just, er, flew in. Joe's a pilot for a commuter airline.

Registrations? We got'em! We've heard from Bob Clemons, '69, Hal Massie, '76, Rick Lively, '74, Sandra Earle Barker, '65, Glenn Wells, '60 (and later a faculty member), Jim Penny, '68, Joann Hart Cotty '66, Charlie Coleman, '67, BJ Mills Johnson '72, Britt Ware, '53 and Liz Cleveland Ware, also '53. We've heard from Rolf Milton, '67, Bonnie Blanton Boyle, '70, Pete Young, '63, and Sandye Johnson Smith, '64. Many of these people don't have personal pages here yet because the index for their class year isn't finished. We're looking for volunteers. This is a hint! If you have an annual and a reunion list (or something with married names on it) and you want to type in a senior class index for your year, please send e-mail to Bob Brown

More pictures of Jeannie Penny Sweeney and a picture of Ray Henderson which we bet he doesn't know exists!

New Year's Day, 1996

Mr. Harold Hardy, who taught physics and calculus until his retirement in 1985, sent a nice note. He and his grandson Michael share a 486, modem, and Internet account.

Dec 30, 1995

Jerry Chandler from Jordan High '65 signed our guestbook.

Dec 27, 1995

We've heard from Rick Lively and Janna Bolles Capes. Rick's working on getting an e-mail address to us. (Now gotten.) Janna! You didn't tell us how to get in touch with you!

Dec 26, 1995

Ros Andrews Owen sent in a new picture on Dec 23, 1995.
Keith Pratt sent us an update on Dec 22, 1995.

Jeannie Penny Sweeney sent a fond remembrance of the 1995 Reunion of the Class of '65. on Dec 21, 1995.

We've also heard from Elizabeth Cleveland Ware, BHS'53, Glenn Wells, BHS'60, BJ Mills Johnson, BHS'72, Larry Tew, BHS'74, and Sid Regan, BHS'78. Sid! You didn't leave an e-mail address!

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