Burlyn Barker, Class of '65

Burlyn Barker, 1965 

About-Baker: I was a member of the Delta Tri-Hi-Y (Patsy Dismuke "Wells") was our ringleader. I can't share much about our trip to Panama City our Senior Year. I was also an ROTC sponsor my Senior Year. I'll always remember the white uniforms we had for summer and our "marching" expertise as a unit under the expert direction of Cindy Rush. The "Sock Hops" on Friday nights; the Sadie Hawkins Dances; football games; Victory Drive.

After-Baker: Attended West Georgia College and Columbus College. Moved to Gainesville GA in 1971. Began working at Gainesville Bank & Trust in 1987 as assistant to the President. My plan is to retire from Gainesville Bank & Trust. I enjoy the small-town attitude we still have in Gainesville. I enjoy reading, hiking, exercise, dancing, traveling,snow skiing, horseback riding, music. Enjoying life in general. I am single and have 2 grown daughters--one married and living in Toccoa GA and one single living in Nashville TN.

May, 2005

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