Karen Burrows (Lahnstein), Faculty and Class of '66

Karen Burrows, 1966 

I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1970 and taught biology at Baker from 1970 - 1972. Joe Lahnstein and I were married in 1971. Our Army travels have taken us to Ft Benning; Ft Devens; Germany; Ft Bragg; California; Germany again, Scotland, Germany still again, Washington DC., Joe to Kazakhstan and back to DC. We retired from the Army in 2000. I worked for Consumer Credit Counseling before we made our current move to Virginia Beach where I am now starting up a home-based quilting business and Joe works for the Coast Guard. We have two girls: Carrie who is married and is an optometrist in Houston, TX, and Katie, who has just moved to a new law firm in Washington, DC, where her fiance will begin graduate school in the Fall. Our first granddaughter, Zoe Katherine Campbell joined us in July 2005 in Houston. What fun!

April, 2006

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