Carl D. Whitehurst, Class of '67

Didn't get a chance to graduate from Baker. I had to drop out in my 3rd year to help support my family. When I do think of's girls,girls,girls!!! Married Ainsworth, Bobbie Jean (Whitehurst) '68 (also went to Baker).Knew if I didn't marry her right then and there I'd lose her forever. Been married now August will be 36 years. Spent 22 years in the Army as a flight engineer on Chinook helicopters. Retired in 1993 and now work as a crew leader for a civilian contractor at Ft. Campbell,KY. Bobbie and I live in Clarksville,TN. We have one son(31 yrs. old)and a granddaughter, who is 6. My family still lives in Columbus and we visit often. And of course drive by Baker High every chance we get. Just wanted to say "Hi" to all my old friends and hope everyone is doing well.

February, 2004

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