Bobbie Jean Ainsworth (Whitehurst), Class of '68

Although I never graduated from Baker. The 3 years I was there was fun. And my husband and I still think of it as our high school. I remember Sadie Hawkins days and the beloved sock hops. I still love to dance! In '68 I married Whitehurst, Carl D. '67 (who also went to Baker)and on August 10th we will celebrate our 38th anniversary. We're still going strong!! And to think...I didn't even know I was going to be married when I woke up that morning. We started out just playing Putt-Putt that morning and before I knew it I was married!! We have one son (Dean),he just turned 34 and one BEAUTIFUL granddaugther(Audrey-8). I did finally graduate high school. See... Mr. Boyles I told you I would, plus I had the second highest scores in my class. Just had to let you know Mr. Boyles. I am what I always wanted to be..a wife, mother and grandmother. It's great!!! We now live in Clarksville,TN. Carl retired from the Army a few years ago. And he now works for a civilian contractor as a crew leader overseeing the maintenance of Chinook helicopters. A special HI to everyone that remembers us fondly as we do you. We now have 2 beautiful granddaugthers !! Kyra is 3 months old. My beloved Carl has passed away. He passed away on July 18,06. It's been just over a year and the horrible pain of loseing him is still great. I wish I could go crazy so I couldn't feel anything. In a flash of a second I loss my husband, lover, mentor and best friend. My beautiful wonderful Carl!!!!

September, 2007

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