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What's New Entries - March-June, 1996

June 24, 1996

Tommy Younce '63 is Assistant Director for Public Safety at East Carolina University, capping off a career in law enforcement.

Glenda Caldwell Hall '66 sent in a current picture. When are you going to send one? She also sent in one of the best lion pictures we've seen in a while. Jim Cooper '66 works in the government and lives in Nashville. He invites Lions to give him a call when they're in town. Terry Malley '66 checked in from Columbus and listed an e-mail address. Glenda Caldwell Hall wrote to let us know that Allen Hayes Caldwell and Jared Bruce Walding both died in Vietnam.

Sandye Smith '64 wrote with the sad news that John Gallagher, Jr. '69 died June 10 from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Carol Adams Johansen '69 is teaching high school in Americus and working on a Ph.D. at Valdosta State University.

Randy Achey '70 checked in from Helena, Alabama, where he's completing an M.Ed. degree as part of a career change to teaching. Thanks to Randy, we have class lists for '67, '69, and '70. Thanks, Randy! If you belong to one of those years, and you've signed in, we'll get your info on the Web within the next few days. George Bridges '70 works for Faith Christian Center in Redford, Michigan. George! Please send us an updated e-mail address. Mike Hursey '70 works for a defense contractor in California. Terry Jackson '70 signed the guestbook and promises to come back to fill out the sign-in form.

Wesley Peeler '75 is Sports Editor for the Fort Benning newspaper, The Bayonet.

Joel Eagle '85 works in computer networking for Blue Cross in Columbus.

June 17, 1996

Ann McBride Logan '63 wrote with the sad news that Mike Cofer '61 passed away last week.

Robbie Boswell Williams '64 sent in a current picture. Who else has one?

We've heard from quite a few members of the Class of '66 over the last week. Donald Freyberger '66 checked in from Florida, where is Chief of Prosthetics at a VA hospital. Daniel Henderson '66 is Executive Sous Chef at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Bobby Murphy '66 signed in from Jonesboro, Georgia. He promises to come back and "fill in the blanks" so we have something to put on his web page. Ron Roth '66 is retired from the Army and works for Science Applications Corporation in Marietta. William Sharts '66 checked in from Robins AFB where he's worked since 1972.

Elaine Graves Baker '67 checked in from Fayetteville NC. We don't have a class roll for '67 yet.

Randy Achey '70, signed in. We'll get Randy's information on the web server as quickly as we find someone to type the Class of '70 names.

Paul Jennings '72 runs a family business in Gulfport, Mississippi.

David Powell '83 runs a hospital information systems department in Columbus.

Joel Eagle '85 sent in an e-mail address; it's on his Baker page.

Nathan Francis '91 is an intern for Congressman Sanford Bishop and a member of the last class of seniors to graduate from Baker. Nathan has volunteered to type the names of the Class of 91 when he gets the time.

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the Webified version of the Lions-L Discussion List for May. If you're not a subscriber to Lions-L, you can catch up here.

The project of putting the '61 Arrowhead on line is moving along; there are about 50 more pages on the server. Everything up to the class pictures is on line. Look for it in the Baker Scrapbook.

June 10, 1996

There's a lot of news this week. We've got a bunch of new people, the Classes of '81, '87, and '88 are on line, thanks to Mr. Len Mossor of the Muscogee County School District. The "People" page has a new link, About Pictures which explains how pictures get on web pages.

Britt Ware sent the sad news that these members of the Class of '53 are deceased: Jerry Clark, Scott Gillis, and David R. Wilson.

Frank "Buddy" Hayson '62 is a consultant in California. He signed in several, er, months ago and we finally got his web page updated.

Joe Butterfield '64 has a new e-mail address; if you've saved his address, please change it to JEBfield@AOL.com.

Linda Caldwell Turner '64 checked in from Alabama. Welcome, Linda!

Charles Whatley '64 checked in from Whitesburg, Georgia

Glenda Caldwell Hall '66 checked in from Columbus; she travelled in earlier days, then settled in Columbus to work for the Federal government; she's retired and thinking of going back to school. Joe Lanhstein '66 and Karen Burrows Lahnstein '66 are an Army family; she's in Virginia, he's in Kazakstan. Linda Lou Hill Schimmel '66 checked in from Alexandria, Virginia. Danny Leedy '66 has fond memories of the 1966 basketball game in Macon that sent Baker to the state finals. Steve White '66 is teaching college in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

June 3, 1996

Keith Pratt '65 checked in with the good news that he's accepted a position at Ottawa University in Kansas.

Joy Mellen would have been Class of '69 if she hadn't been one of the first graders transferred out of Baker to go to Muscogee Elementary School. She asks whether she qualifies to be a Lion, and we say, Yes, indeed! (Joy later decided that she's a Lion Cub.)

Jack Tyler '70 is finishing a Ph.D. dissertation at Georgia State and working for Fulton County.

Raymond Tuggle '74 is a systems and data communications programmer at Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Buddy Miller '76 signed in from Okinawa, where he's stationed with the Air Force.

Sid Regan '78 signed in a while ago, but we're just now getting his listing in, thanks to Donna Bowen DeRamus '79 who typed in the class listings for '78 and '79. Thanks, Donna!

David Reed '83 checked in from Columbus, Ohio, where he's working as a programmer.

May 20, 1996

Patricia Ann Gorman "TJ" Johnson, '65, is a cash flow consultant in Washington, D.C. She's married to Larry Johnson, '65, who works for the government in Washington.

Linda Johnson Box,'65 and Darwin Box, '65 are in Lutz, Florida, where Darwin is starting a new church. (Thanks to Larry Johnson for this information.)

Mark Murdock, '72, signed in from Fort Rucker, Alabama. David Simmons, '86 sent in an update with a new e-mail address.

Thanks to Mr. Len Mossor, who is property and records coordinator for the Muscogee County School District, we have the Class of '90 list on line. Mr. Mosser did his student teaching at Baker and was on the administration there beginning in 1974.

May 13

There's lots of news this week! Dean Grier, '71 checked in from Mauk, Georgia. Dean wants to hear from the '71 Reunion Committee. Andrew Stephens, 71 is a senior at Johnson C. Smith Seminary in Atlanta. David Phillips, '77 left Baker for the Army. He owns a Thai restaurant in Columbus and invites Lions to drop by. Harvey "Hogg" Wills, '80 signed in from his new home in Cusseta; he says he's still as country as cornbread.

Faculty member Dr. Katrina Yielding sent an update. She's retired and lives in Alabama.

Thanks to Britt Ware '53, the Classes of '51 and '52 are on line. Britt noted that there were 26 seniors represented in the '51 annual, and 33 members of the faculty and administration. Britt also combed through the '51 and '52 faculty listings, and we've incorporated the information he sent into the faculty index.

Mike Omelanuk has sent in the Web version of the archives of the Lions-L Discussion List for April.

Marie Miller Powell '80 sent in a picture of herself and one with her two sons. We want pictures of everyone. Contact Bob Brown for information on submitting pictures electronically or by postal mail.

May 6

Jerome Addison, '75 signed in from Ladson, SC. Kitty See (Greene), '71 also signed in; Kitty lives in Alabama. Marie Miller (Powell), '80 is finishing up a computer science degree in Florida. Anybody have a job for Marie in January?

There's more news in the "Events" and "Classes - 65" sections of the Baker Scrapbook thanks to Deborah Alderman (Valentine) '66 who lent us a copy of the 1964 Lion's Tale Student Handbook.

We've installed Version 1.5 of the NCSA HTTPd World Wide Web Server. We're running five copies of the server, which ought to help response times, especially in pages with lots of graphics, like the home page.

April 29

New look for What's New? The What's New page now has just one section which lists all the changes to the Baker web pages since the last update. This should make it easier to see what's new since you last checked in.

Jeannie Penny Sweeney, '65 sent in some more information about herself to go with all the pictures on her Baker web page. Ed Kirkland, '65 sent in his e-mail address. You can send e-mail to Ed from the link on his Baker page. Sungyong Tinnie, '84 checked in from Korea.

Sandye Smith wrote with the sad news that Janet Hogg died this month. Johnny Joiner's been talking to Wanda Dixon Long, '61 who married Don Long, also Class of '61. Don died in 1989. Wanda lives in Smiths, Alabama.

We're Synchronized! One of you called attention to the problem of "clock drift" on the Baker server several weeks ago. At that time, the clock was several minutes off, and we fixed it by hand. Now, thanks to the fine people at the U.S. Naval Observatory, our clock is automatically synchronized each morning, and should never be more than a few seconds off. If you're running Netscape 1.1 or higher, or another browser that supports "server push" you can check the U.S.N.O. time yourself.

April 22

We've heard from Lynda Willhardt Bradley '72, all the way from Abu Dhabi. Stan Wright '66 filled out the Lions' Sign-In page; so did Betty McBride Steed, '65. The record for number of hits belongs to Linda Blair '64. People seem to be finding her using WWW search engines. I wonder whether it's the coincidence of her name with that of a certain actress? Most all the Baker Lions who are listed on this server are indexed in Digital's AltaVista index. Try searching AltaVista for your own hame!

Thanks to Johnny Joiner '65 the Class of '59 is on line. Only 16 classes to go!

April 15

Deborah Alderman Valentine sent in a current picture and lent us a copy of the '66 Arrowhead for scanning. Expect to see some '66 pictures in the next couple of months. Thanks, Deborah!

We're plugging away at those sign-ins. Cliff Davis, '76 is in the printing business in Atlanta. Ron Johnson '65 got a law degree and works for the Georgia Supreme Court, but he'd rather write fiction for a living.

George Freeman '66 is a research biologist at Centers for Disease Control. (That's two Baker people who've landed at CDC.) Kyle Forinash '71 is a professor of physics at Indiana University Southeast; he says that's beach in the background of the picture we scoffed from his university page. We got an update from Keith Pratt '65, who has retired from the Air Force, gotten a Ph.D., and is co-owner of a consulting firm. If you've sent your sign-in information, we really will get to it!

Thanks to Cliff Davis, '76, we have the Class of 1976 on line.

Check the Baker Scrapbook for reunion information for the classes of '61, '64, '66, '76, and '86.

April 8

We got a nice note from Larry Canington, '58, who started Baker in the second grade. His three children also graduated from Baker. Larry's sister and her husband are Baker Lions, too. Now we need someone to type in the '58 names so we can hook Larry up to the index.

DarrenCanington, '83 and his wife Pam visited the Baker web page all the way from Italy. The Baker Scrapbook has a section for reunion information, with info for classes of '61, '64, and '86. If your class is planning a reunion, please let us know so we can put it on the web.

Thanks to Mike Omelanuk, '64, the March volume of the Lions-L electronic mail discussion list is on line. Look for it in the scrapbook, too.

Thanks to Sandye Johnson Smith, who has been interviewing Oscar P. Boyles by telephone, there's more Baker history in the Scrapbook's Events Section. Many others have also contributed to collecting Baker's history. Thanks, all!

April 1

Tom Covington, '66, wrote from High Hopes Farm in Menlo, Georgia. He's retired from the Air Force and teaching at Coosa High School in Rome.

Janice Slone, '74, is a neonatal nurse-practitioner in Utah. She attended Baker in 1970, left when her father was transferred, and returned to Columbus to graduate from Columbus High. However... once a Lion, always a Lion!

Apologies to those who had trouble with the '61 index page. Your webmaster made a think-o-graphical error! Our Web pages should have fewer errors thanks to 'weblint' from Neil Bowers of Khoral Research. Weblint checks World Wide Web pages for errors. The home page and everything linked directly from it have been checked. We're trudging through the literally thousands of other pages.

March 25

Kathy Younce Simons, '68, is teaching in Valdosta. She married Frank Simons '68, who's chief of police in Valdosta. We've heard from Jessie Eiland Weiss,'56, who "married a Yankee soldier" and travelled all over the world. Jessie lives in Phenix City these days.

The Lions-L electronic mail discussion list has been abuzz with fond (and sometimes sharp) memories of Oscar P. Boyles. Mr. Boyles is retired Headmaster of the Lyman Ward Academy and lives in Smiths, Alabama.

We've installed David Maher's AccessWatch program. AccessWatch provides a list of who's viewing the Baker server, updated on the hour. You can find AccessWatch in the "Other Interesting Stuff" section of the Baker Scrapbook. David promises us rolling totals and historical statistics in the future.

March 18

Sandye Johnson Smith, '64 took a break from typing in names and finally sent in some information about herself. She also sent in corrections for Gary Silva and Tina Louise Riley Nelson from the class of 80. Thanks, Sandye! Annnd, she identified a few of the people in the Brown Avenue School picture. Who can identify the rest?

Thanks to Jerry Segers and Alan Brown at PeachNet (the networking arm of the University System of Georgia) the Baker High project has much more reliable Internet name service. Name servers are how www.Baker.HS.org gets translated into the actual numeric location of the Baker server, so it's very important that this work right. Thanks, PeachNet folks!

March 11

Al Sciarrino, '64 used the sign-in button to send in some information about himself. There's a recent picture, too. Sandye Johnson Smith lent us a picture of Mrs. Bennett's first grade class at Brown Avenue School, where several Class of '64 Lions started out. How many of them can you identify?

Thanks to Anonymous, the Baker server is now running on an AMI 486/66 CPU with 16 megs of main memory. It's almost three times as fast as the old, borrowed, CPU -- 33.5 Linux BogoMips, and it's got twice as much main memory. You won't notice much difference, except possibly when doing an index search, but we can handle several simultaneous callers now. (Er, who wants to donate an Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller and 1GB SCSI disk?)

March 4

Patrick McKibbins '85 checked in a few weeks ago, as did Dennis McPherson '74. We're finally getting some of the sign-ins processed!

Thanks to Dennis MacPherson for getting the Class of '74 on line! Mike Omelanuk sent in the archive edition of the Lions-L discussion list. Look for it in the Baker Scrapbook.

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