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What's New Entries for July - September, 1997

September 29, 1997

Barbara Garrett Kimbro '52 has taught school in Columbus for 33 years.

Sam Leming '60 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Indiana.

Guy Bon Giovanni, '62 sent in a picture of himself and his wife.

Sharon Garbett Mizell '67 remembers Baker fondly. She and her husband are ordained ministers.

Terry Juskowiak '69 remembers trying to get out of Macon, Georgia with the Baker Lion after winning a football game.

Joe Bucklew '70 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Florida.

Kitty See Greene '71 sent in an e-mail address. She's secretary/treasurer and chief floor sweeper at Archangel Avionics.

Roger Stanford '73 works at Fort Benning.

Her sister checked in for Carolyn Malone '74.

Tom Carroll wrote us with the sad news that his wife, Jamie DeCarlo '76 died in 1993.

David Mills '76 sent in a new e-mail address.

Wayne Curley '86 lives in Columbus and works for a landscaping firm.

September 22, 1997

Larry Tilghmon has written: I did not attend Baker, but knew many of the students. My dad and I owned a business that catered to the Baker guys (Tillman's Mens Wear, known at one time as Tillman's Lad & Dad). As I scanned the different classes, I am reminded of the many friends who were our customers and employees. Just wish there were more pictures.

Jerry Parnell '59 is trying to locate William "Billy" Vernon Smith, '59. If you can help, please e-mail Jerry at parnellj@erols.com

Guy Bongiovanni '62 has been in California since 1976. Check out his Web page, linked fro his @#Baker page.

Howard Willis '65 is at Fort Benning, but would rather be farming.

Donna Cabler Ward '69 lives in Alabama with her family.

Billy Joe Southard '70 sent in a e-mail address to add to his @Baker page.

Pamela Lewis Jaindl '74 is in corporate marketing and development at AFLAC in Columbus.

Cathy McKenzie '87 has gotten her own e-mail address.

Peter Danois '88 worked in Special Education at Baker until it ceased to be a high school.

September 15, 1997

Mike Omelanuk sent in the Web Archive of the Lions-L Discusison List for August.

Robert Dahn gave us the sad news that his brother Theodore H. Dahn '45 is deceased.

Robert Dahn '46 was on the first football and basket ball team. He's retired in Florida now.

Sue Kissel Oram '53 sent in some biographical material for her @Baker page. The sign-in program wouldn't take it for reasons I don't understand.

Michael Shirley '64 has fond memories of Daritha Andrews.

Ron Bullard '68 is in the Army and stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

Randy Achey '70 sent in an update for his @Baker page.

Chuck Maffett '70 is a purchasing director in Florida.

Larry Martin '70 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Columbus.

Ian Young '70 lives in Texas. Ian, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a message to the @Baker Webmaster.

Rick Popple '71 has his own advertising studio.

Donna Burris Collins '72 lives in Texas and would like to catch up with some of her Baker friends.

Joanna Warren Vitek '75 has been in law enforcement for 20 years. She lives in Florida.

Bobby Weaver '80 graduated from Spencer High, but stillhas Baker pride!

Dorothy Atkins Holland '81 is in the mortgage business in Columbus.

Tom Tolbert '83 is a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne.

September 1, 1997

How's the @Baker connection from your Internet provider? Find out with 'Net Check. 'Net Check looks outward from @Baker to check paths to various ISPs. You can find it again in the "Other Interesting Stuff" area of the @Baker Scrapbook.

Sue Kissel Oram '53 checked in with an e-mail address.

Eddie Di Girolomo '61 has been married to another Baker Lion for thirty years. He recently retired from government service.

Ned Blakley '65 has been with Ingersoll-Rand for 28 years. He lives in Tennessee.

Bonnie Nunley Weaver '65 lives in Arkansas. Her son helps her with "all this compter stuff."

Kathy Omelanuk Agar '66 sent in her senior picture and a picture of herelf and her two daughters taken last Christmas.

Deborah Simmons Kolb '68 is a health-care consultant in Atlanta.

Donald Reed '69 wants to move to the mountains with his wife and build a log home.

Lynda Willhardt Bradley '72 sent some updated biographical information.

Pam Howell '80 sent some pictures, including one with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background.

August 25, 1997

Pamela Duke Varnon lives in the Atlanta area and works for a specialty products company.

Paul Achey '67 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in the Atlanta area.

Raymond Grant '67 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in California.

Mike Roche '67 has a new e-mail address. It's on his @Baker page.

Greg Gray, '70... we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to the @Baker Webmaster. Thanks!

Jim Green and Debbie Horton Green '71 have a new e-mail address. It's on their @Baker pages.

Ray Dupont '72 is an electronics mechanic at Fort Benning and is teaching himself computers.

Perry Lopez '72 works for the Muscogee County School District.

Arnie Angulo '73 is a superintendent for a firm that builds restaurants. He lives in the Atlanta area.

Barbara Lowe Trawick '73 checked in with an e-mail address.

Chuck Goodrum '74 sent in his new e-mail address.

Louann Angulo Bishop '75 works at Fortbenning and lives in East Alabama.

Jeff Burton '81 sent in an e-mail address.

August 19, 1997

An Internet slowdown which has made access to @Baker slow or impossible for many of you has been traced to a telephone line problem between the @Baker server and our Internet service provider's point of presence. This problem has been referred to BellSouth and we hope it will be cleared by the end of the day on Tuesday.

August 18, 1997

Jerry Parnell '59 still recalls graduating from Baker on time. He's looking forward to retirement in five years. Thanks to Jerry, there's a new 50's link in the @Baker Scrapbook.

Patricia Marshburn McNeer '65 graduated from high school in Texas, being an Army brat; she's back in Columbus running a bookkeeping and tax service.

Paul Achey '67 lives in the Atlanta area.

Gary George '69 checked in with an e-mail address.

Rusty Bliss '72 flies the A320 Airbus and lives on a working farm.

Pam Howell, '80 went to Australia in 1995. She's back in Columbus now.

August 11, 1997

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the Web digest version of the Lions-L Discussion List for July. Thanks, Mike!

Mr. Larry Kelley, Faculty taught World History at Baker from 1970 until 1975.

Shelba Davenport Burwell '64 has a career with the Postal Service.

Carol Duke '67 checked in with an e-mail address and a link to her Web page.

Greg Gray '70 checked in. He lives in Columbus. Greg, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send mail to the Baker Webmaster.

Billy Joe Southard '70 lives on the Florida Gulf Coast.

George Burns '72 sent in a report of the goings-on at the Class of 72's 25th Reunion. It's in the Classes section of the @Baker Scrapbook, or you can link to it from here.

Pam Herston Leonard '72 is searching for college scholarships for her oldest son.

Chas Jones '72 plans to get married and graduate from CSU within the next two years.

Catherine Willis Kerrigan '72 ended up in Florida after living in five other states.

Susan Graves Brown '73 works for a communications company in the Atlanta area.

David Reed '83 has moved, but has kept the same e-mail address.

Gene Perkins '89 lives in the Atlanta area and is working on his MBA.

August 4, 1997

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the Web version of the Lions-L discussion list for June, 1997. Thanks, Mike!

Billy Cox '50 has retured from teaching. He lives in Columbus.

Charlcie DeCola Barlow '59 was in the band at Baker.

Dottie Watley Hatchell '62 lives in New Mexico and wants to travel all over Alaska.

Mickey Rollins Tiedemann '65 was in everything she sould participate in during her time at Baker.

Jesse Maynard '67 is a lieutenant in a Sheriff's Department in Washington State.

Ralph Merced '67 is looking forward to the Class of '67 Reunion.

Gordon Strong '67 hacks at golf.

Joe Burris '68 wonders why anyone would live in a state where it never rains in the summer.

Gini Duke Brendle '72 skipped school on the last day of tenth grade to go to Lake Juniper.

Pedro Dominguez '73 is a consulting engineer. He's working on a master's degree in astrophysics (!) at Johns Hopkins.

Ray Ellis '75 is Director of Photography at Portfoliocenter in Atlanta.

Neta Delffs Clark '77 has sold her business and is enjoying motherhood. She'd like to hear from anyone who can help her locate Laura Ramsey.

Jeff Burton '81 is in broadcasting in Atlanta after working his way up. He's looking forward to the all-class reunion in 2000.

Patrick McKibbins '85 sent in a new e-mail address.

Jeffrey Bucklew '87 plans to teach in the Columbus area.

Cathy McKenzie '87 attended the ten-year reunion of her class last weekend; she reports she had a great time.

July 21, 1997

Bill Ward '56 works for the Internal Revenue Service.

Edward Redmond '61 is married with two children and four grandchildren.

Betty Howard Davis '64 wants to retire rich, healthy, and happy.

Mike Roche '67 checked in with an e-mail address and promises more info later.

Pat Smith Caraway '67 remembers drinking Burger Chef hot chocolate at Mr. Strealdorf's desk.

Carolyn Williams Merrill '67 and her husband both work for the government in California.

Cindy Wilson Dodd '67 is living in California and loving it!

Sandy Garcia Reichardt '68 enjoys hiking and nature in the Colorado mountains.

Steven Goon '68 checked in with an e-mail address.

David Whitelaw '68 lives in Colorado and is back to being a hippie again.

Jack Colson '72 made the Guinness Book of World Records while he was at Bill Heard Chevrolet.

Chelzie Manuel Colson '72 teaches at South Columbus Elementary School.

Sharon Bittorie Dooley '73 sells Internet services to the Federal Government in Washington.

Rick Burns '74 sent in a picture for his @Baker page.

Joe Cardona '74 remembers running track and attending traffic court.

Clarence Johnson '74 remembers playing in the "Greatest Band in Dixie" parade.

Steve Grant '75 played tennis at Baker and still enjoys playing.

Chris Smith '78 owns a race car.

Richard Manglona '84 is in the Navy Officer Training Program at Auburn.

Letty Marie Opalec Devera '88 did "pretty much everything" at Baker.

July 7, 1997

There's new reunion news from the Classes of '72 (this year) and '73 (next year.)

Mike Omelanuk send in the archive of the Lions-L Discussion List for May, 1997. Thanks, Mike!

Jackie Johnson Tucker '66 fell in love with nursing 24 years ago.

Cheri South Kirkland '67 sent in her e-mail address.

Georgia Grant Kelley '70 skipped her Junior year at Baker.

JoAnn Kinard McGorry '70 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in North Carolina.

Pam Wilson Sims '71 plans to retire from BellSouth and teach.

Sylvana Thomason '71 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in California.

Debbie Carr Odom '72 plans to move to Utah in January to go back to school.

We heard from Victoria Bush '84. Victoria, you didn't tell us how to get in touch with you. Please go through the sign-in again.

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