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What's New Entries - October-December, 1996

December 30, 1996

In this last What's New? for 1996 we cover over forty years of Baker students, from Jim Cleveland '50 to James Bazzetta '90.

Jim Cleveland '50 is back with a new ISP, a new e-mail address, and an updated @Baker page. Jim wishes more people from his time at Baker were "here."

Danny Bedsole '64 recalls trying without success to stay out of trouble at Baker. He also recalls the first song he heard on the jukebox at a Sock Hop.

Casey Hursey '68 is treasurer of a high-tech company in California. She's also a sucker for homeless cats.

Sonia Aultman Eakins sent e-mail to Joy Mellen White '69 identifying the Aultman brothers in the pictures on Joy's @Baker page.

Chuck Wilhite '69 is a consultant who spends lots of time traveling.

Daniel Entac '72 is looking for information on a possible 25th year reunion for the Class of 72. Does anyone know what plans are afoot?

Barden Cannemela '73 works for the State of Georgia and lives in a farmhouse on 400 acres outside of Athens.

Tom Mowery '73 is chairman of the computer science department for Troy State University's Fort Benning campus.

Michael Chappell '78 has been in the Navy for seventeen years.

Patric Boone '79 is working as a contractor in Kuwait.

Jamie Earl '88 is an engineer for Cellular One in Columbus.

James Bazzetta '90 is now called James Hall Strong. He lives in Washington, D.C. and works for a web page design firm.

December 23, 1996

Sandye Johnson Smith wrote with the sad news that Samuel J. Spivey '62 passed away December 12 in Grand Forks, ND.

Frank Stringfellow '62 remembers blowing up the chemistry lab and losing the ROTC M.O.W.W. award. His future's so bright he's gotta wear shades!

Dudley Wells '65 sent in a new e-mail address; it's on his @Baker page.

Dave Morris '65 works for Bell South, but is anticipating retirement.

Ron Harman '66 sent in his new e-mail address.

Robert Kondrak '67 works at Robins Air Force Base and enjoys shooting and gunsmithing.

Dennis Holmberg '69 has spent 27 years in professional baseball. He lives in Florida.

Joel Foreman '69 recalls falling in love for the first time at Baker. He and his family live in Columbus.

Michael Evans '72 sent in his new e-mail address.

Evonda Martin '72 works as a paralegal in Alaska and sent in the address of her son's home page.

December 16, 1996

Donna Lowrie '61 sent in a scanned copy of her senior picture and a picture of herself now.

Lynn Wood DeLaMare '65 lives in the Pacific Northwest and markets log furniture which her daughter Marcy makes.

Nancy Levitt '65 is a program manager for Hewlett-Packard and mayor of Belmont, California.

Jeannie Penny Sweeney '65 sent in the URL of her new home page at Georgia College and State University.

Ted McCool '66 works for Sprint in Florida and enjoys deer hunting.

Gayle Wolfinger Tidwell '72 lives in Harris County with her husband than their children.

Robin Galer '73 lives in California and manages investments for energy utilities.

David Holmberg '74 reports that he's living the good life in sunny Florida.

Mark Smith '75 lives on Lake Oliver and works at the Hughston Sports Medicine Complex.

Jeff Goodrum '76 lives in east Alabama and has worked for Saturn since 1991.

Teresa Beesley Davis '79 married Glenn Davis, a pro baseball player. They operate a Christiam home for boys in Columbus. Teresa! Your e-mail adxdress was incomplete; please send us a note with the fill address.

December 9, 1996

Happy Birthday to Us! The @Baker World Wide Web page is a year old this month. The first "live" access to our Web server was December 7, 1995. Since that time, over 230 Baker Lions have signed in.

We Finally got Jane Locklar Gillis '57 her Baker web page. We've decided to merge the few remaining class rolls the hard way rather than hold up the sign-ins any longer. If you can help with one of the missing classes, please let us know.

Guy Bongiovanni '62 retired from the "theatuh" in 1976 to live in a monestery.

Bill Foreman '73 still plays the drums, but his current hobby is radio control flying. He's a computer information analyst in Columbus.

Buddy McLendon '83 checked in with an e-mail address. Buddy lives in Columbus and heard about @Baker from his father, Charles McLendon '62.

Blanche Moore '90 works for the Columbus Police Department and will start training as a paramedic in January. She was Drum Major her junior and senior years at Baker.

Robert Montgomery '91 sent an e-mail address. He lives in the Griffin area.

Dehanza Rogers '94 only got to attend Baker for one year before it was closed. She writes that it was the best year of her life.

December 2, 1996

James Landingham '61 sent in an e-mail address. He lives in Huntsville and found out about @Baker from Bruce Emerson.

Mary Anne Shuff Hampton '65 and her husband are in California, where she does computer work for several companies.

Jim Davis '66 got out his annual and wrote a long update with a fond recollection of his years at Baker and following. He's back in the Columbus area.

Daphne Earle Click '67 married Kurt Click; they have three children and a grandchild. Daphne works in the insurance industry.

Kurt Click '67 is doing computer consulting at Nissan in Smyrna, Tennessee.

Michael Collins '67 sent a recollection of his life after Baker. He owns a computer consulting company these days; his path from Baker to there is a fascinating one.

Sherrie Williams Thames '68 is a supervisor for the Department of Family and Children Services.

Becky Harrison Craig '69 teaches nursing and lives with her husband on the family plantation in the Atlanta area.

Joy Mellen White '69 sent in a couple of pictures taken in the back yard of her house on Fletcher Avenue about 1957. Thanks, Joy!

Mark Joyce '76 is Chief of Emergency Medical Services at Fort Benning. He and his wife have one child and are expecting twins!

Mike Forlines '77 sent a reference to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer's Official Home Page. Interesting links are collected on the Baker Scrapbook page.

November 25, 1996

Dr. Katrina Yielding, faculty sent in a new e-mail address.

Gene Rooks '61 lives in Columbus.

Mick Mekkelsen '63 completed a career in the Army and is at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

Tom Sowell '65 and Linda Stewart Sowell '66 have a new e-mail address.

Jim Davis '66 heard about the @Baker project from Stan Merritt. Jim lives in Fortson, Georgia.

Al Muehlke '69 sent in the address of his personal Web page.

Evonda Martin '72 wrote to correct a spelling error in her name. She lives in Alaska.

Samuel Hamilton '84 is teaching high school in South Miami. His goal is to become Principal of Baker High, now Baker Middle School.

Chip Kankel '88 checked in with an e-mail address. Chip lives in East Alabama, and is working on his second bachelor's degree.

November 18, 1996

Jane Locklar '57 is at Fort Rucker. We don't have a class roll for '57 yet.

Frank Thomas '59 checked in with an e-mail address. Frank played in the band at Baker.

Donna Lowrie '61 has fond memories of a band trip to Myrtle Beach. She's at Tulane now.

Deborah Alderman Valentine '66 sent in a picture of four Lions at Seaside, July 4, 1996.

Wyndol "Stump" Montgomery '73 works for Litho-Krome in Columbus and raises emus with his wife, the former Lisa Richardson, '78.

Rickey Burns '74 lives in the suburban Atlanta area.

Lisa McLendon Horn '85 is a hair stylist in Columbus.

November 11, 1996

Judy Brawner Stadnik '54 is still married to her high-school sweetheart. They live in Columbus.

Chuck Goodrum '74 owns a telephone equipment company in Columbus; he and his wife Sherry recently had their first child. Sherry took time to sign the Baker guestbook

Eddie Sutcliff '79 works for the FBI and lives in New England. He wants to return to Georgia before his children sound like the cast of "Cheers." Eddie asks, "Are any other Class of '79 people aware of reunion arrangements?"

November 4, 1996

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the Web version of the Lions-L Discussion List for October, 1996. Thanks, Mike!

Bob Burton '66 is retired from the Navy and works for Pinkerton Computer Consultants in Virginia.

Don Aultman '72 is CEO of a West Coast industrial chemical company.

Andrea Richardson Vollentine '72 and David Vollentine '72 were married a few years ago. They live in Columbus.

Lisa Richardson Montgomery '78 is a full time mom. She and her husband are raising emu. Really!

Virginia Crank Cherry '81 checked in with an e-mail address.

October 28, 1996

Boo! Dick Stewart '64 sends Baker Lions an animated Hallowe'en card. Thanks, Dick!

Trouble with e-mail addresses: We're having trouble with the following e-mail addresses, and mail we try to send you is being returned. If any of these addresses looks like yours, please send a note to Webmaster at Baker dot HS dot org and we'll fix you up. chel at prodigy dor com, raddogg1228 at aol dor com Thanks!

Preston Henderson '54 is retired from the Department of Transportation and enjoying his grandchildren. Preston sends us the sad news that his wife, Lana Malish Henderson '59 died in 1984.

Buck Newman '61 lives in Radcliff, Kentucky. He enjoys antique automobile shows and collecting cast metal cars.

Deanna Tinker "Tinkerbell" Trotter '62 works for BellSouth and is taking art classes at Columbus State.

Jim Friese '65 sent in a current picture and it's on his @Baker page.

Ron Harman '66 is in Colorado Springs, where he's worked for US West (the telephone company) for 27 years.

Richard Sharts '67 lives in Midland, Georgia and works for G.N.B. Technologies.

Paul Roberts '69 works for a telecommunications company and enjoys Atlanta Braves baseball.

Roy "Sunshine" Cook '68 remembers pushing a friend's father's Corvair home after running out of gas.

October 14, 1996

Robbie Smythe Henson '54 works for the Columbus Health Department and enjoys line dancing and reading.

The Class of '64 held their thirty-second reunion on Friday and Saturday, October 11 and 12. Saturday's event included a surprise birthday party for Oscar P. Boyles who was 73 on October 14.

Mike Jaccino '64 is a Senior Field Engineer for Novadyne.

Richards Stewart checked in with an e-mail address.

Jim Friese '65 practices law in Cuthbert, Georgia.

Al Henson '65 and Sandy Loper (also '65) are still married. They live in the Nashville area.

Dudley Wells '65 is Marketing Director for Columbus Bank and Trust. He's married to Joyce Harper, '66.

Joyce Harper Wells '66 checked in with an e-mail address. She married Dudley Wells, '65.

Keith Dunn '69 remembers Mr. Liebendorfer's humanities class and Col. Mitchell's geometry class from his Baker years.

Douglas Graeber '69 checked in from San Antonio with an e-mail address. He promises to get back to us with information about what he's been doing since leaving Baker.

Chanelsa Cabler '73 enjoys church and gospel singing.

Janet Diolosa Geisler '75 is a computer programmer for the Army and runs her own travel business.

Don Stauffer '85 has a new e-mail address: stauffer-don@bwi.bls.com.

October 7, 1996

Thanks to Mike Omelanuk '64 the Lions-L List Archive for September, 1996, is on line in the Baker Scrapbook.

Jeanette Bass Griffith '54 has owned and operated a hairstyling salon in Columbus for the past 24 years.

L.C. Story '59 and Jean Canington Story '59 got married one year out of high school.

Linda Cox '72 was in the Air Force for ten years. Now she works for Coca-Cola in Dallas.

Jim Siler '72 enjoys N-scale model trains and surfing the 'Net, among other passtimes.

Nancy Hall McClellan '78 started with Blue Cross in 1981 and is still there. She and her husband have four feline "children."

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