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What's New Entries - July-September, 1996

September 30, 1996

Charles McLendon '62 sent in pictures of himself "back then" and now, and a picture of his daughter, a second-generation Lion.

Wayne Brossett '64 has 23 years with Blue Cross and Blue Shield; he's a Colonel in the Army Reserves.

Rick Tolbert '67 sent in some information about his time at Baker and after, and a link to his own home page. By the way, Rick was a Lion Cub... he attended second grade as well as high school at Baker.

Walter Hall '68 is Assistant General Counsel for the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington.

Glenn Canty '71 is more likely to be remembered as Glenn Lee because that's the name he used while a DJ on WCLS radio.

We have a picture of Lisa McLendon Horn '85 thanks to her father, Charles McLendon '62. Lisa should be on the 'Net within a month or so and joining us here.

September 23, 1996

Britt Ware '53 wrote with the sad news that Charles Dean Wilson '54 died on September 6, 1996. Charles had lived in Dublin, Georgia.

Rick Tolbert '67 checked in with an e-mail address. Rick lives in Columbus.

Al Muehlke '69 finished his education in Germany. He manages a furniture company in New Mexico these days.

Bill McLean '70 is an Army Lieutenant Colonel and Professor of Military Science at Oklahoma State.

Ernie Schlagerait '70 checked in from Columbus and sent an e-mail address.

Carolyn Lybrand Tatum '73 graduated early, in 1972, but wanted to be listed in '73 with her friends. She's in Australia, looking for Crocodile Dundee.

Oid Rich '75 checked in to tell us he has his own Web page now. Have a look at it.

Eddie Copeland '78 works in real estate construction lending for SunTrust Bank in Atlanta.

Kathleen O'Connor Moore '88 lives in Milwaukee and works at home as a medical transcriptionist.

September 16, 1996

Charles McLendon '62 was in the band. He remembers being surprised that they did a victory march when Baker finally won a football game.

Ken Faulk '70 is stationed at Vandenberg AFB where he is Test Director for the Minuteman missile program.

Charmaine Miller Thaner '70 is an advocate for parents of children with disabilities. Charmaine, please send your e-mail address again!

Teresa Pait Biesecker '74 works for an HMO in the St. Paul area.

Marion Bivins '74 is a Fulton County Deputy Sheriff in Atlanta.

Pattie Brady Sanchez '85 sent in an address update. She's in Columbus.

September 9, 1996

Mike Omelanuk '65 sent in the Web version of the Lions-L E-Mail Discussion List.

Suzanne Courtney Wilson '67 is a sergeant in the public safety department at Columbus State University.

Dave Simmons '86 checked in with a new e-mail address. He hopes to be moving to Georgia soon.

Sabrina Jean Wilson '88 is a second-generation Baker Lion. She found out about @Baker from her mother.

September 2, 1996

Jessie Eiland Weiss '56 lent her copies of the '54 and '56 Arrowhead for scanning; that isn't started yet. She also sent in a picture of herself and three other high school girls being honored by the American Legion Auxiliary in May, 1956, and lent us a copy of the last issue of the Lion's Roar for the 55-56 school year.

Joe Celko '65 is a database expert. He moved back to Atlanta in 1995 after spending several years in California.

Oid Rich '75 scanned and sent in the senior pictures for the Class of '75. It'll take a while to get them all transferred to the server and linked in, but we're working on it.

Sonia Aultman Eakins '76 works at Callaway Gardens and lives in Pine Mountain with her husband, who manages FDR State Park.

August 26, 1996

Oid Rich '75 wrote with the sad news that David Hayes '55 was killed in Vietnam in 1970. His brother, Ralph Hayes '56 died of a heart attack in the early 80's. Terry Traylor '75 died in a truck accident several years ago. Kathy Siterlit Marshburn '71 wrote to let us know that Phillip David Book '71 died in a gun accident in the mid-70's.

Richards Stewart '64 signed in with a postal address and phone number. We're still figuring out how to deal with that type of information. Richards, you didn't tell us anything about yourself!

Bobby Rogers '66 lives in the Lithonia area.

Elaine Graves Baker '67 sent in some information about her time at Baker and what she's doing now. Thanks for the update, Elaine!

Steve Crawford '68 sent in a list of "key words" evocative of the mid-60's at Baker.

Ken Orr '68 has a career as a mental health professional. He lives in Tennessee.

Greg Tharp '70 is an attorney in Alpharetta.

Chip Conner '76 is Southeast Regional Manager for Cal-Tex.

August 19, 1996

The Class of '66 held their 30-year reunion at the Bradley Theater in Columbus on August 17.. The Class of '76 held their 20-year reunion at the Sheraton in Columbus on the same day.

We finally have all the sign-ins caught up. If you sent information in and your name's not clickable, please contact Webmaster@Baker.HS.org.

W.J. Orr '59 works for Ingersoll-Rand and has recently moved to Memphis. He's offered to help with the missing years when he gets his yearbooks unpacked.

Jim Hayes '62 is principal at Wesley Heights school in Columbus. He's one of the people who signed in early and had to wait 'til now to see their info on the Web.

Barbara Seymour '64 is working for the new newspaper in Columbus.

Joann Hart Cotty '66 is one of the driving forces behind the Class of '66 reunions. Congratulate her on a job well done this past Saturday.

Susan Lownds Bryant '66 sent in a current picture. She also wrote a wonderful essay, Do You Remember? which is in the Class of '66 section of the @Baker Scrapbook.

Charlie Coleman '67 remembers the football games (Baker 39, Columbus 7) and the sock hops. He lives in Cusseta and signed in during December.

Jim Penny '68 is Director of Human Resources for a national company based in Austin and was another early sign-in.

BJ Mills Johnson '72 and her husband live in South Florida and enjoy riding their Goldwing. BJ checked in on Christmas Day.

Rick Lively '74 was an early sign-in. He's making a second career as a programmer at AFLAC.

Oid Rich '75 fondly remembers working the Western Electric 555 cord switchboard at Baker. Oid signed in last winter.

Hal Massie '76 is a Master Gardener and career civil servant. He also signed in some time ago, but we're caught up now!

David Reneau '76 comes from a Baker High family and found out about @Baker at the Class of '76 Reunion.

August 12, 1996

We have a name! We've been referring to the collection of mailing lists and our Web server as "the Baker Internet project" or other equally-inspiring names. We've finally decided we want to call this collection of stuff @Baker, which is pronounced "at Baker." Nothing much will change because of this, but it'll be easier to refer to.

Reunions The Classes of '66 and '76 are having reunions on the coming weekend. If you haven't already signed up, check the @Baker Scrapbook for contact information.

The Class of '46 erected a freestanding cornerstone with the quotation from Horance Mann: Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity. Thanks to Al Sciarrino and Sandye Johnson Smith '64, we have a picture of it.

Cassonya Barbara Kobs Douglass '48 has traveled the country and is now back in Columbus.

Donald Freyberger '66 sent in his e-mail address.

Donald Garrison '66 married his high-school sweetheart and joined the military shortly after graduation. He's at Ft. Bragg now.

Lannie Lipscombe Hutcheson '66 checked in with memories of Harriet Holton.

Janice Pait Bolles '66 is married to Jimmy Bolles '62; they live on Lake Hardin.

Billy Adams '70 works for AT&T in Virginia. He plans to retire in 3 years, 10 months, and 13 days.

Kathy Siterlit Marshburn '71 married Richard Marshburn '70. They love hiking and fishing and have travelled all over the world.

James Osborne '76 most remembers the people he went to school with at Baker, even though he was there only one year.

August 5, 1996

Bill Freeman '67 has spent 47 years around the Army, most recently as a civilian employee at Fort Belvoir.

David Cutler '69 and his wife, Linda, live in the Atlanta area.

Still more catching up: Henry Holmes '70 remarks that he was "one of the notorious Holmes boys."

Don Mansmann '76 works for Scitex in Ohio and wants to see some of his classmates again.

Mike Forlines '77 signed in on June 25, and it took 'til now to get him listed here. Mike works for Blue Cross in Columbus. Sorry for the delay, Mike.

Walter Scott '82 checked in some time ago with an e-mail address. Walt lives in Columbus.

Thanks to Mike Omelanuk '65, the Lions-L Discussion List for July is on-line. If you're not a subscriber and want to see what we've been chatting about, have a look.

Mike also called our attention to Four-11, a "white pages" listing of Internet users. It's been added to the "Links" section of the scrapbook for future reference.

The Class of '76 class roll is spiffed up with some pictures, and thanks to Cliff Davis '76 for lending his 1976 Lions' Pride. Look for some Class of '76 senior pictures soon.

July 29, 1996

Jessie Eiland Weiss '56 reports that the Class of '56 Reunion will be held on August 31. Details are in the Baker Scrapbook.

Sonny Sansome '59 is an agent for the Oklahoma State Fire Marshal's office.

Tom Sowell '65 works for Lucent Technologies, and he's looking forward to retiring. His wife, Linda Stewart Sowell '66, checked in last week.

Harriet Holton Phalen '66 teaches kindergarten in Mississippi; she's never missed a reunion, and is planning to be in Columbus this time, too.

Shirley Boyer Brock '67 and her husband, Ken, live in the Montgomery area where they own two businesses.

Joy Mellen White '69 is a Lion Cub. She attended Baker during first grade, but was moved mid-year to Muscogee Elementary School. Check out the first grade picture on her Baker page.

David Mills '76 is in Hawaii with the Air Force, but he's looking forward to returning to the South to teach and coach when he retires.

For an interesting insight into Web technology, read an interview with Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. Thanks and a tip of the hat to the nice folks at O'Reilly and Associates for allowing the link to the interview. If you need Web, Internet, or Unix books, or you're interested in the technology, visit the O'Reilly home page.

The concept of a Baker Web Page is one year old this week.
We've come a long way since the last Sunday in July, 1995, when a group of Lions decided over breakfast that Baker should be on the Internet. The Baker server was started for the first time less than four months later on Thanksgiving weekend, and we went public on December 7. Thanks to all who have contributed!

July 22, 1996

Wanda Slomka Huguley '65 married an Air Force man and has traveled the world; they're in San Antonio now.

Linda Stewart Sowell '66 married Tom Sowell '65. They live in Fortson, Georgia.

We're finally caught up with the sign-ins from the Class of '67. Thses people signed in before we found someone to type the class roll. Elaine Graves Baker '67 works for the military at Fort Bragg. Nope, we didn't make a mistake here; Elaine's name is misspelled in the annual. Larry Smith '67 is planning to move to Newnan from New York this summer. Danny Watkins '67 found out about the web page from his daughter Nicole who was a Dandylion at Baker and discovered the Web page.

Steven Tullia '79 lives in Plano, Texas with his wife and two children.

The Baker Web server has been upgraded from sixteen megabytes of main storage to sixty-four. This means we can handle more simultaneous connections without bogging down.

The Baker Scrapbook has links to Reunion Hall, an index of alumni from all over the world, and to a Yahoo! search page for Georgia.

July 15, 1996

Read about how the Arrowhead became the Lion's Pride as told by Glenn Wells, '60 and faculty.

Mike Omelanuk '64 has sent in the archive version of the Lions-L e-mail discussion list. Thanks, Mike!

Russell Surles '59 is thinking about retiring to the South; he currently works for 3M in Minnesota.

Anne Achey Ballengee '66 has lived "temporarily" in Herndon, Virginia for the last 23 years. Bonnie Boyer Mainor '66 works for the Alabama State Bar in Montgomery. Pamela Huisman Bennett '66 is a travel consultant in Oregon; she's looking forward to the reunion.

Bonnie Blanton Boyle '70 is another Lion who signed in early on, but we're only now getting her info on the Web pages. She lives in Atlanta. George Bridges '70 sent a picture of himself and his wife, Carolyn.

James Mailman '80 is looking forward to moving back to Columbus in time for the twenty-year reunion. He'll also be in Columbus until July 27 and invites other Lions to give him a call. (Send e-mail to Webmaster@Baker.HS.org for the number.)

July 8, 1996

Margaret Torres Callahan '65 checked in from Columbus where she teaches health occupations at Kendrick High.

Donald Burright '66 is a chemist with OSHA in Salt Lake City. Ken Emerson '66 works for Crawford and Company in Rome and recalls the joy of playing football for Bear Bryant. Monika Self Kelly '66 is Assistant Director of Patient Accounts at The Medical Center in Columbus.

Pamela Powell Williams '68 manages her husband's medical practice in the Atlanta area.

Bob Clemons '69 went through the Baker sign-in on December 30 and it took us 'til now to get his class listed and his sign-in processed. We will get caught up! Bob's starting a new CPA practice and planning his daughter's wedding. Dell Emerson '69 has his own web page devoted to Baker. You can link to it from his Baker page. Dell has also started a Class of '69 web page, which you can reach from here or from the "Classes" section of the Baker Scrapbook.

George Bridges '70 sent a new e-mail address and the address of his own web page; there's a hotlink from George's Baker page.

Veronica Horton Emerson '71 is married to Bruce Emerson '67. They live in Huntsville.

Charles King '73 is a custom home builder and developer in Gwinnett County.

TheClass of '82 roll is now on line, and thanks to Phil Miller '82 for helping us get this done!

July 1, 1996

We've heard from some faculty this week. Sandye Johnson Smith '64 sent in a current picture of Mr. Oscar Boyles and Dr. Katrina Yielding sent in a new e-mail address.

Glenn Wells, '60 and faculty taught English at Baker from '66 to '71. Now he's with Lummus Corporation in Columbus.

Connie Boyer '66 lives in Montgomery and is enjoying being a new (since January) grandmother.

Bruce Emerson '67 and his wife own a consulting and real estate business in Huntsville, Alabama. Rolf Milton '67 manages a real estate company in Alaska; Rolf sent in a current picture for his Baker page some time ago; we're finally getting some of the earlier sign-ins caught up.

Dell Emerson '69 is working on his own Web page and hopes to have it running by mid-July.

Cindi Emerson Sparks '71 is Assistant to the President of the Flournoy Development Company in Columbus.

Bruce Hart '73 expects to return to Columbus when he retires from the Air Force in the next couple of years.

Michele Forinash Aziz '74 sent a replacement for sign-information that Your Webmaster apparently lost early-on. Michele also sent in a listing for the Class of '73. Thanks, Michele! We've only got three classes to go: 57, 58, and 91!

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