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What's New Entries - January-March, 1997

March 31, 1997

Sandye Johnson Smith wrote with the sad news that Baker Coach Ed Wolf died March 22. Bill Dawson '52 sent a fond remembrance of Coach Wolf.

Jean Overby Harron '57 wrote with a corrected e-mail address and to ask us to get her name right. Sorry, Jean... it's fixed now.

Thurman Johnston '58 checked in with an e-mail address.

Darwin Box '65 and Linda Johnson Box are in Florida where Darwin is a pastor. They are in the process of moving to Tallahassee.

Brenda Cabler Mathers is one of three Baker sisters. She and her husband live in Florida.

George Thornton '67 is a principal of a chemical manufacturing company in Valdosta.

Sandra McCarty Reynolds '68 has a gardening business in Colorado.

Deborah Thompkins Lowry '68 is a flight attendant. When she's not flying, she lives in Charlotte with her husband.

Connie McCarty O'Neill '69 works for a computer company in the Colorado Springs area.

Mary McKee Cannon '74 lives in Florida with her family.

Jane Prince Baer '80 lives in Columbus with her husband and daughters and works for AFLAC.

Oliver Walton '85 is an assignments officer with the Army in Heidelberg.

Al Paul '87 remembers the special bond of friendship we all developed at our "little school." He's in Germany with the Army.

March 24, 1997

The Class of '67 is planning a reunion for August 2, 1997 at the Trade Center in Columbus. For details, contact Sue Jenkins or Bruce Emerson. If you're interested in helping with the planning, please let Sue or Bruce know.

Cissy Whitt Dotzler '64 is trying to survive existing with two teenage daughters. Cissy and her family live in California.

Evelyn Morales Bostick '66 remembers Mr. Liebendorfer. She and her husband live in Alabama. Evelyn, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to Webmaster at Baker dot HS dot org

Steve Whitelaw '66 has a personnel and human resources consultancy in Shreveport.

Bob Alexander '67 has moved back to Columbus after retiring from the Army.

Bob Kolb '67 checked in with an e-mail address. Bob lives in Colorado.

Rick Stanford '71 married Debbie Duncan '73. Rick is finishing up an MBA at Kennesaw State. He's trying to locate Charles Parker '71. If you're in touch with Charles, please send Rick a note.

Snooky Bias '72 is CFO of The Concrete Company in Columbus.

Randy Aman '73 has "done it all" in the world of mainframe computers at AFLAC.

Debbie Duncan Stanford '74 married Rick Stanford '71. She works at Southern Polytechnic State in Marietta.

Harold Thomason '76 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Colorado.

Ronnie Wideman '76 is an air traffic manager in Oregon.

Upe Upell '91 felt special to be a member of Baker's last graduating class. He's in the Navy and at sea on the USS Roosevelt.

March 17, 1997

Top O' The Mornin' To Ye!

Larry Foley '67 is News Editor at the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. He has nearly 24 years with the paper.

Bill Swank '67 missed the middle of his schooling at Baker because his father was transferred to Hawaii, but he made it back in time to graduate. He's general manager of an acoustical fabric company in South Carolina these days.

Miriam Duhon Stewart '74 married Joe Stewart '75 in 1974.

Larry Tew '74 checked in with an e-mail address. Larry lives in Columbus.

Joe Stewart '75 is with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Department after spending 10 years in the Army.

Ramona Hunter Schwengel '79 has settled in Rome, Georgia with her husband of thirteen years.

March 10, 1997

Washington DC/Northern Virginia Lions have scheduled a get-together for Saturday, April 5. For more information, contact Vince Collier '68 at travler@errols.com

Bill Dawson '52 sent in an account of the switch to a 12-year diploma at Baker, and Britt Ware '53 sent a recollection of the earliest years of Baker and Baker Village. They're both in the @Baker Scrapbook.

Jean Harron Overby '57 is a mortgage banker in Columbus. In her spare time, she gives talks on area history. Jean, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a mail message to the Baker Webmaster

Jerry Taylor '59 is a retired railroader. He lives in Georgia.

Wallis McClain '62 had his most memorable Baker moment nearly 30 years after graduating. Read about it on his @Baker page.

Lynn Wood DeLaMare '65 sent in several new pictures, including some of her daughter Marcy, named for Marcy Tjossem '65. They're on her @Baker page.

Connie Boyer Grier '66 has written to ask whether anyone knows anything of Carl Anthony '65 Carl is listed as deceased, but Connie and several friends knew him and they've heard nothing of his death. If you can help, please send Connie a note, or write to Webmaster@Baker.HS.org.

Carol Ogden Grimm lives in Florida.

Mike Roche '67 is sure that all the women will remember him. Mike, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a mail message to the Baker Webmaster

Barb Miller Weisman '68 married into the Army. She's teaching third grade in Virginia. She still plays golf, and has taken up quilting.

Charles Orck '68 moves every three years. Did you guess that makes him military?

Jim Applewhite '71 sent in a current picture of himself; it's on his @Baker page.

Debbie Horton Green '71 and Jim Green '71 are a Baker couple. They've been married for 21 years; they live in Texas.

Alice Howell Skinner '72 is Director of Support and Logistice for the Fort Benning Schools.

Wyndol Montgomery '73 sent in updated information and an e-mail address.

Joel Hughes '75 wrote from Texas to ask about the next Class of '75 reunion. Joel, if we find out anything, it'll be in the @Baker Scrapbook under "Reunion News and Contacts." If you find out anything, please let us know.

March 3, 1997

Mike Omelanuk, '64, sent in the web archive edition of the January, 1997 Lions-L Discussion List. Thanks, Mike!

John McNulty '60 is an operations coordinator for Continental Airlines in Texas.

Jeff Hesser '64 works for the government in law enforcement. He's stationed in New Mexico.

Gerhard Jinks '65 is a psychiatric social worker with the VA in Kentucky.

Sandye Johnson Smith '64 wrote to tell us that Pete Jones '65 suffered a stroke on February 18, but is at home and recovering nicely. Get well, Pete!

Victor Aviles '66 is a retired Sergeant Major who enjoys teaching JROTC. He's trying to locate John Preston, whom he last saw at a hot dog stand in Viet Nam in '71.

Jim Grant '66 is president of a landscape construction company that's responsible for several Columbus landmarks.

Retha Ross Meier '66 checked in with an e-mail address.

Lee Harwell Grant '68 left Baker for Panama three weeks before the end of her Junior year. She returned to Columbus to marry Jim Grant '66.

Joy Mellen White '69 sent in a current picture; it's on her @Baker page.

Pamela Wicks Glanton '70 checked in with an e-mail address. she lives in the Thomasville area.

Jim Applewhite '71 sent in a picture of himself and Carlotta Chrestman at the '70 Junior Senior Prom; it's on his @Baker page.

Katharine Keil Grant '71 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in Columbus.

Teresa Thompkins Baker '71 (wotta great name!) is national sales manager for the Fox affiliate in Columbus. Her claim to fame while she lived in Texas was meeting O.J. Simpson in a bar. Check her @Baker page to see how that came out.

John Zebreski '73 recently retired from the Army and owns his own busniess.

Jennifer Dunford Rowe '73 has worked for the Columbus Police Department since graduating from Columbus State. Her hobby is still horses.

Debbie Faulk Deveau '74 is a case manager for the State of Georgia.

Delmas Shipman '86 is finishing up a double degree at Columbus State and is engaged to be married. His fiance is also from a Baker family.

Sedrick Butler '89 is an Air Force air traffic controller in Alaska.

February 24, 1997

Joyce Carter Tidd '50 remembers the Tri-Hi-Y convention. She lives in Columbus.

Keith Pratt '65 wrote with the sad news that his brother, David Pratt, '59 died in 1990.

Martha Jean Cook Earles '63 remembers taking her little brother for a ride so she could get the car, them making him lie down on the back seat so she could "cruise."

Lee Butts Kline '66 travelled for 18 years with her soldier husband. They've settled in the Savannah area.

Steve Thomas '67 checked in with an e-mail address. Steve lives in Texas.

Pauline Durden Reynolds '69 remembers the Drill Team trips to the Gator Bowl.

Steve Chittum '70 has twenty-five years in the Army. He's a command sergeant major and a licensed minister.

Carolyn Hall Tidd '70 is an investigator for the District Attorney's office in Columbus. She remembers times with the Lionbackers and Thespians at Baker.

Cindi Emerson Sparks loves snow-skiing and spend 6 days skiing in Canada over the holidays.

Mimo Butts Chittum '72 is "happily married with one daughter and one husband." Guess what... it's Mike Chittum, also '72.

Mike Chittum '72 lives in Columbus. He's an avid hunter and golfer.

Charles Ledebuhr '72 retired from a career in the Army in January and is enjoying watching his hair grow.

Wendy Page '72 lives in the Pacific Northwest and is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Nelson Hall '74 wants to grow old coaching football. He's coaching in Carrollton, Georgia.

Charles Panco '77 lives in east Alabama and is planning retirement after an Army career. Charles was Drum Major in the band his senior year.

Kathy McIntire Shaffer '80 was queen of the Military Ball her only year at Baker. She lives in Pennsylvania, but would like ot move back to the south.

Susie Cox '76, Becky Harrison Craig '69 Chris Lindsey '85 and Dave Simmons '86 sent in new e-mail addresses; check their @Baker web pages.

Wha'happen to the February 17 What's New? Your Webmaster (Webservant?) became so snowed under with work that the updates didn't get done. Sorry!

February 10, 1997

Diana Morales '68 and Randy Taylor '68 have been married for 29 years. They live in the Houston area.

Pamela Powell Williams '68 sent in an update with an e-mail address. She lives in suburban Atlanta.

Phil Reynolds '68 has his own business in the Atlanta area.

Pauline Durden Reynolds '69 is a CPA and the Tax Manager at an accounting firm.

Donald Burns '71 remembers the first time he fell in love...

Tommy Garnett '73 is a health care risk manager.

Carol Caulder Whitcomb '74 has settled in the Atlanta area after travelling the world.

William Demastes '74 is a professor of English. Thanks, Mrs. Brady!

Roberta Cook Makin '76 teaches special education in the Phenix City school system. She and Susie Cox are still best friends.

Susie Cox '76 has moved back to Georgia after living in Texas for ten years. She's still best friends with Roberta Cook Makin. (Guess the home rooms were still in alphabetical order in 1976!)

Christopher Lindsey '85 checked in from Columbus.

February 3, 1997

Chuck Morris '57 works in real estate and banking.

Vince Collier '68 is assigned to the Pentagon. He keeps up with several Baker Lions in the DC area. Vince wrote to remind us that Sidney Roche was omitted from the Class of '66 list; that's fixed now.

Robert Brunair '78 checked in with an e-mail address.

Jim Demastes '78 has just finished a Ph.D. in zoology.

January 27, 1997

Bill Dawson '52 has a vivid memory of the Beta Club convention at the Ansley Hotel in Atlanta. Bill's retired and lives in Alabama.

Norman Sassner '62 remembers trying to be a cool guy. He attachment to sports has lead him to scuba diving.

Mike Omelanuk '65 sent in a family picture; it's on his @Baker page.

Jerry Gaylor '65 manages the ammunition supply point at Fort Benning. He and June Weatherholtz '67 are married. Jerry, please get June to sign in.

David Knopf '65 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Columbus.

Keith Pratt '65 sent an update and a new e-mail address. He's teaching at Ottawa College in Kansas.

Emily Harwell Hutchens '66 has kept in touch with former classmates over the years. You might see Emily at the Peachtree Branch of CB&T.

Patsy Wicks Stuart '68 recalls being voted "Most Athletic" in her senior year at Baker.

Edna Orr Mickschl went back to Baker to teach Special Education.

Richard Foucher '73 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Columbus.

Shirley Lancaster Harrison '73 coaches soccer and is a referee.

Don Deal '78 left Baker to graduate from high school in Missouri, but came back to Columbus COllege. He flies MD-11's for Federal Express.

Cecil Lay '83 is with ath Army Recruiting Command in Oklahoma.

January 20, 1997

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the Lions-L Discussion Lists for November and December. This makes thirteen months of Lions' discussions on line. Thanks, Mike!

Jim Crowson '63 finally got to coach football, but it's the round kind.

Gina Berhnard Tidd '66 sent an e-mail address and a spelling correction for her name. Sorry, Gina! We try, but we don't always succeed.

Moon Mullins '68 writes, "When Strealdorf showed up at the rock quarry..." Did they live to tell about it? What part did Officer Ridenour play? Check Moon's @Baker page to find out!

Mike Grant '69 spent 20 years in corporate America, then quit to start his own log home business.

Jim Applewhite '71 remembers everyone else coming out of Baker as he was going in for the first time.

Robin Means '74 teaches early childhood education classes at a college on Long Island.

Sandye Johnson Smith '64 wrote with the sad news that Vincent Melillo '74 died on January 10.

Carlos Rivera '74 is an avid fan of Duane Allman and is finishing up a book for the Naval Institute Press.

Michael Ward '78 is a sales rep for a Columbus company.

January 13, 1997

Linda Caldwell Turner '64 and her husband have lived in the Montgomery area for the last 21 years. Linda sent in several memories of her time at Baker.

Mike Reneau '67 has taught in Warner Robins for the past 26 years.

Betty Sloan Plock '72 is a registered nurse in Columbus.

Lynn Wyatt '72 lives in Orlando and wants to hear from Lions visiting Mickey; he can steer you away from the tourist traps.

Joelle Gutman Cheatham '73 has a passion for organic gardening and wants someday to make a business of it.

Jeanine McCarter Stewart '75 lives in the Valdosta area and works as assistant to a hospital administrator.

Emory Bailes '76 checked in from Florida where he stayed after nine years in the Navy.

January 6, 1997

Johnny Allen '55 remembers Baker as the first two-story school he attended. He works for the Muscogee County Health Department.

Michael Dorsett '61 remembers being in the same class with Newt. Michael works for the Army in Huntsville and is on the adjunct faculty of the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

T.J. Turgeon '68 is a banker in New York; his wife Maria is a fashion designer.

Dana Ingram '69 wants to get back in touch with Larry Radcliffe and Sue Hopper, also BHS'69. Does anyone know where they are?

John Doheny '70 is director of an alcohol and drug treatment center in Columbus. He remembers attending 15 different schools in 12 years.

George Burns '72 was a yearbook photographer at Baker and hasn't put his camera down since. He's an insurance fraud investigator these days.

Sheila Ogden Rambeck '74 lives just south of Atlanta and works part-time for an investment banking firm.

Tiny Tinker Stroup '75 reports that her children lived to grow up and she's still married to their father, so miracles do happen!

Sylvia Head Colber '79 is engaged to be married.

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