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Whats New Entries - April-June, 1997

June 30, 1997

Gene Lovett '57 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Columbus and is in the tax preparation business.

Otis Tomblin '57 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives north of Atlanta. Congrats to Otis for being the 500th Lion to sign in @Baker!

Pete Smith '62 recalls the training he received in ROTC at Baker.

Jackie Tillman '62 is Director for Foreign Policy at Empower America in Washington.

Karla Hawk Turner '63 is 911 Coordinator for the Columbus Police Department. In Ohio.

Kathy Hawk Wilson '64 is happy doing things around the house.

Frances Hawk Youmans '65 is retired and loving it.

Madeline Toner Reed '69 says she'll be going to school for the rest of her life.

Tom Kirkland '72 works for Raytheon in Korea.

J.D. Hawk '75 is back in college and working for the Columbus (Georgia) Police Department.

Debra McCarter '77 lives in middle Georgia.

June 23, 1997

Robert Dahn '46 was the first quarterback on Baker's first football team.

Eva Newsome Brown '60 played girls' basketball on the Blue Team and had a memorable moment baking bread.

Bill Kirby '65 practices law in Columbus.

Kitty Cole '68 is back in the South and trying to get in touch with Debbie Robertson and Margaret Wright.

Larry Dahn '67 has an estate planning practice in Florida.

Cheri South Kirkland '67 remembers chickening out on Dandy Lions tryout day.

Ann Mills Riley '68 owns her own company in the transportation industry. She wrote with the sad news that Rocky Dan Riley '69 died in 1991.

Lynda Willhardt Bradley '72 has spent most of her time since graduation overseas. She's in Abu Dhabi now.

June 16, 1997

Frank Butler '48 is retired and lives in the Atlanta area.

Carlton Garner '54 and Faculty played basketball at Baker, came back to teach and coach, then went on to become a national manager at Pfizer. He's retired now.

Charli Boothe Riikonen '60 wants to slow down enough to get on a windsurfer again.

Jim "Moody" Bohannon '62 travelled the world with the Air Force before settling in Delaware.

Mel Curtis '65 is responsible for disaster planning for Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Columbus, and will retire from the reserves this month.

Sam Adams '66 is a manager for Revco in Columbus.

Margo McNamara Saunders '66 is mining for gold in Alaska and enjoying 24 hours of sunlight each day.

Judy Prince Lehnhoff '67 lives with her husband and their "spoiled rotten" terrier in the Atlanta area.

Tom Wright '68 is in fire and safety equipment sales and service in Texas.

Hoyt DeVane '71 recalls running for President of the Student Council during his Junior year.

Connie Waters Smith '73 says music was the best thing about Baker and it's still a part of her life.

Jennifer Warren Duncan '73 still enjoys dancing to the music of her Baker years.

Wade Mooney '80 is starting up a mail order and internet consulting business in Atlanta.

June 9, 1997

Vivi Anne Johnson, Faculty, taught English at Baker until the school closed in 1991; she's at Carver High now.

Patricia Banister Taylor '61 lives in West Georgia.

Gary Bender '65 works for the USPS and is looking forward to retirement.

Anne Heape McKillips '65 sent in an e-mail address. Anne is the dynamo behind the Class of '65 events.

John Klish '66 lives in Maryland and promises to send in some biographical information soon.

Becky Curtis Basset '67 works for the Georgia Department of Industry, Trade, and Tourism.

Bertie Bugh Reed '68 has found her niche in cardiac rehabilitation nursing. She lives in Nevada.

Bob Clemons '69 has moved to Big Canoe, Georgia, and has a new e-mail address.

Rick Foucher '73 is back in columbus after travelling all around. Rick sent in a picture; when are you going to?

Jennifer Smith '74 is a firefighter in Virginia.

Carol Conner Stockman '77 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in the Atlanta area.

Jimmy Prince '77 checked in with an e-mail address.

Pam Carr Harris '84 says she really enjoyed her time at Baker.

Tim Hester '89 lives in east Alabama.

Tyrone "Big 66" Williams '93 drives for ASC and is planning on getting married.

May 26, 1997

We're doing things with mailing lists. Lynn Wood DeLaMare '65 has started Lions-Roar, an announcement- only mailing list for those who want to keep up with Baker goings-on without reading all the chatter on Lions-L. To subscribe to Lions-Roar, send the single word subscribe to Lions-Roar-Request@Baker.HS.org
Send announcements for Lions-Roar to Owner-Lions-Roar@Baker.HS.org

Alice Howell Skinner '72 is listmistress of BHS72-L and Terry Nunnally Todd '73 is running BHS73-L. There's a BHS64-L list run by Sandye Johnson Smith and a BHS65-L which needs a listmaster at the moment. To join any of these lists, send the single word subscribe to the list's -Request address. For example, to join BHS72-L, you would send to BHS72-L-Request@Baker.HS.org

Your webmaster is headed for the beach... the next "What's New?" will be Monday, June 9.

Bill Bender '59 wants to retire and return to the Georgia pines. He's in California now.

Jim Cummings '60 attended Seventh Grade at Baker in 1955. He graduated from, erm, another high school.

Roy Cook wrote with the sad news that Frances Singleton '65 died Friday at the Medical Center of an apparent heart attack. She was 50.

Marty Chism '69 is an engineer with the State of Georgia.

Wanda Guenther Tillman '73 lives in a chalet on a mountainside in Tennessee.

Stephenie Turner Mishkofski '73 checked in with an e-mail address.

April West Chism '73 remembers the fire in the auditorium from her Baker days.

Peter Mailman '74 is a monager for Dominion Cotton Services in Columbus.

Dennis Howard '75 is director of purchasing at Swift Textiles in Columbus.

Derek Dowie '77 and Cheryl McKee Dowie '77 are another Baker couple.

Denise Dowie Mailman '78 is Systems Administrator for a large law firm in Columbus.

May 19, 1997

Karen Burrows Lahnstein '66 wrote with the sad news that her father, Doug Burrows died on May 6. Mr. Burrows taught biology at Baker in the early 60's.

Britt Ware wrote with the sad news that Emery Wilson Ray, '53, died May 14th at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus. He was 62. Emery was a charter member of Edgewood Baptist Church and the retired owner of Ray Brothers Sheet Metal Company, Inc. He is survived by his wife, Janie Ray of Midland, three sons and one daughter. Emery's mother, Mamie Braswell Ray, still resides in Columbus.

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the archive version of the Lions-L discussion list for March. Thanks, Mike!

Nancy Wood Griffin '53 is back in Columbus and renewing old friendships.

The Class of '64 will hold their annual reunion on Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11. Contact Sandye Johnson Smith for more information if you haven't received the mailing.

Sam Adams '66 lives in Waverly Hall, Georgia.

Carl Baughn '68 is retired and lives on the ocean in South Carolina.

Richard Bunn '68 practices law in Columbus.

Pauline Durden Reynolds '69 has added an e-mail address to her @Baker page.

Lisa Powell Pruitt '70 has been a nurse for 21 years. She lives in Helen, Georgia.

The Class of '72 will hold their reunion on August 9 at the Hilton in Columbus. Check with Alice Howell Skinner if you haven't received a mailing. Other classes, check the @Baker Scrapbook for information.

George Burns '72 sent in a picture. It's on his @Baker page.

We heard from his sister that Ralph Mitchell '73 lives in Massachusetts these days.

Bobby Tillman '73 recalls setting off a smoke bomb in a locker. See his @Baker page to find out what happened.

Dennis McPherson '74 sent in a link to his ROMAXLAW home page.

Angie Spidle Sanfilippo '75 checked in with an e-mail address.

Gwendolyn Reed Menafee '76 lives in the Hinesville area.

Constance Walker Crocker '77 is a dental assistant in Atlanta.

Toni Wolfe Mills '80 does public relations at Georgia Tech, topping off a career in broadcasting.

May 5, 1997

Bob Brown '65 scrounged around in his scrapbook and came up with a picture of himself and Deborah Alderman Valentine '66 dressed to the nines and heading for the Springer Opera House. It's on his @Baker page.

Duane Sabens '67 spent 20 years in the Army and is back in Columbus.

Harriet Spidle Malone '70 checked in with an e-mail address. Harriet lives in Alabama.

Karen Elzworth Cannady '79 only went to Baker for her freshman year. Once a Lion, always a Lion, Karen!

Kim Brown '81 wants to correspond with old Baker friends. Kim lives in New York State.

April 28, 1997

Remember "Do Bee" and "Don't Bee?" Nancy Clastner, the original Miss Nancy on Romper Room died on Saturday. She was 82. She played Miss Nancy on Baltimore's WBAL from 1953 until 1964.

Jean Overby Harron '57 has a new e-mail address. It's linked from her @Baker page.

Al Grizzard '62 is retired from IBM and lives in the Macon area.

Deb Thompkins Lowry '68 sent in both a senior picture and a current one. Thanks, Deb!

Kevin McDonough '72 filled out the sign-in form, but we're having trouble with his e-mail address. Kevin, please send a note to webmaster at baker dot hs dot org Thanks!

John Novikoff '72 lives in Florida and has made over 1300 skydives.

Susan Cutler O'Neill '72 lives in Georgia

Terry Nunnally Todd '73 lives "sort of" in the country and works at Fort Benning.

Jimmy McNeely '74 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Florida.

Rowena Morgan Zebreski '75 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in Georgia.

Terrence Miller '86 joined the Air Force after Baker, and he's still in.

April 21, 1997

Mike Omelanuk '64 sent in the February edition of the Lions-L Discussion List. Thanks, Mike!

Robert Taylor '61 has retired from manufacturing and is having fun with his own woodworking business.

Charles Slomka '64 is an obstetrician and gynecologist.

Greg Tharp '70 sent in an update for his @Baker page.

Richard Brunair '74 would have been in the Class of '75 but he graduated a year early to join the Air Force. He's in LaGrange now.

Gwendolyn Orr Jolly '74 lives in Alabama where she's home-schooling her son.

Debbie Wilmot Santiago '74 wants to travel the world in the four years before her husband, Hector, retires from the Air Force.

Alice Collier '75 checked in with an e-mail address and a picture. Alice lives in the Atlanta area.

Hector Santiago '77 is in the Air Force.

Sheila McDonald Hand '83 is the Hearing Officer at Fort Benning.

April 14, 1997

Joe Barrett '63 checked in with an e-mail address. Joe lives in Waverly Hall.

Al Sciarrino '64 sent in a link to his personal Web page. It's linked from his @Baker page.

Ivan Buchans '65 has the ambition to ride his Harley across the country.

Phil Fowler '67 works for IBM in North Carolina.

Patsy Daniel Wright '70 is Manager of Information Technology for CibaVision.

Sherry Jackson Jenkins '70 is in property management with the Woodruff Company and is looking forward to Reunion 2000.

Bob Swecker '72 is looking forward to retiring from the Air Force and beginning a career in computer consulting.

Michael Crase '73 remembers clowing around with Theresa Cupp and dreaming about an orange GTO with a Hurst shifter.

Robert Cunningham '74 is in the boradcasting industry in Columbus.

Bruce Allen '75 works for the Columbus Police Department.

April 7, 1997

Kevin "John Holmes" Bullard '48 remembers the football gatherings and asks that other Lions write him.

Jean Overby Harron '57 sent in a class roll for the Class of '57. We need rolls for only the Classes of '58 and '91 to complete our list of graduating classes. Thanks, Jean!

Fred Thompson, '66 is controller of an advertising agency in Nevada.

Roger Emerson '67 has returned to the States after 23 years in the South Pacific. He says it's a culture shock.

Jennifer McCarty Smith '67 says she's staying busy and out of trouble.

Monk Ellis '70 lives in Texas with his wife and daughters.

Danny Garnett '71 is an FBI agent in the Gadsden area.

Kermit Griner '71 liked everything about Baker. He lives in Collumbus. Some of you may remember his mother, Louise Griner, who taught at Baker until 1976.

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