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What's New Entries for October - December, 1997

December 29, 1997

Herb Smith '63 is retired from the Air Force. He's taught all his life, but has never taught his major subject.

Michael Bixler '65 started the sign-in form, but didn't finish. Please have another go at it, Michael!

Jimmy Haick '65 has been teaching at Columbus Tech since 1977. Jimmy, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send mail to Webmaster@Baker.HS.org Thanks!

Michael See '65 lives in the Birmingham area and has worked inthe automotive industry for the past 20 years.

Enella Raxter Walters '66 was one of the first girls' basketball players at Baker.

Johnnie Ray Mauldin '67 is Postmaster for a large Indian reservation.

Franklin Waller '68 is a pulp and paper consultant; he lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Steve Huff '69 lives in Washington State. Steve, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send mail to Webmaster@Baker.HS.org Thanks!

Rodney Wolfinger '69 wants to hear from classmates, especially any who remember his Dad's drive-in on Fort Benning Road.

Pamela Vest '70 works for the State of Washington and enjoys international travel and SCUBA diving.

Bobbie Brandt Caldwell '72 is a psychologist on Korea.

Doug Ford '73 lives in Kentucky and works for Alcan Aluminum.

Bill Evers '75 raises paint horses.

Joe Parsons '76 lives in Alabama.

Adam Ligon '78 lives in Alabama and is regional vice president for CooperSmith.

Cathy Bowen Thomas '80 works for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

December 22, 1997

Your humble webmaster has become swamped with work. I'm sorry some of these are so late, and there are a few that still aren't done. I'm going to try really hard to be caught up with the sign-ins by the weekend, so be sure to check back next week, too. Thanks!

Dianne Davis Davis '64 lives in Phenix City.

Linda Martin Willmschen '64 enjoys her children and grandchildren.

John Breed '65 is president of a ceramics manufacturer in Canada.

Lorna deMedicis Lindsey '65 is a Lion Cub... she started at Baker in 1956.

Ronald Weaver '69 is retired from the military, still working for the government.

Keith Parkman '70 teaches at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida.

Cindy Adams Ingram '71 lives in east Alabama.

Jimmy Koon '71 teaches at Columbus Tech.

Becky Barfield Dewald '72 sings with the Athens Chamber Singers.

Beth McLeod De Backer '72 recently quit work to become a full-time mother.

Barry Collyer '74 is a nuclear fire protection engineer. He's planning to move back to New Orleans.

Milton McClain '74 is nearing retirement from the Army.

Carolyn Bowen Warren '77 teaches at South Columbus Elementary School.

Susan Sabens Dunahoo '80 reports that she still lives in Oakland Park.

Frances Ethridge Kennedy '82 lives in the Philadelphia area and works for a large consulting firm.

December 1, 1997

@Baker is two years old! The @Baker server was started up for the first time on Thanksgiving weekend in 1995; the first outside access was December 5. Since then, over 700 Lions have signed in!

Annette Kirkland Curley '60 is a high school guidance counselor in Massachusetts.

Carol Wentz Gore '61 is retired and lives "in the country" in Washington.

Marian Harmon Davis '64 is a middle school teacher.

Cynthia Kirkland Dunn '64 works for the State of Georgia.

Linda Cairns Jones '65 checked in with an e-mail address.

Wayne Means '65 works for the Muscogee County School System.

Candy Mosier McHenry '65 lives in New Jersey and works for the Educational Testing Service.

Larry Henson '66 lives in Alabama.

Bradley Mosier '66 and his wife are expecting a second child in March.

Robert Oakes '67 is planning on launching a second career. He still likes sports cars.

Clarence Roque '67 builds homes and works for the civil service in the Montgomery area.

Denis Butterfield '68 owns an auction company in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Patricia Wilson Lamp '71 lives near Fort Worth, Texas. She works in the insurance industry and volunteers for Meals on Wheels.

Lyndajo Thomas '72 is an interior designer who currently runs a lighting showroom in California.

Ann Benett Reilly '73 is a nurse; she lives in New Jersey.

Christi Brady Maginn '73 works for Ralston-Purina in St. Louis.

Tommy Raxter '73 has a small ranch in Texas and works for an Oldsmobile dealership.

Kathryn Costello Raxter '75 is a registered nurse; she works in rural home health care in Texas.

Aaron Paschal '75 coaches his girls in basketball. Can anyone help Aaron locate a '75 Lions' Pride?

Mark Fuller '82 is back in Columbus after traveling the US and the world as an engineer.

Michael Latimer '88 has a career in the Navy; he's stationed in Virginia.

Brad Marshall '88 is serving aboard the Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis.

Venus Askew Marshall '89 lives in Virginia.

November 10, 1997

Mrs. Caroline Pruitt Conner, Faculty has retired from teaching but is chairman of the library board of her home town in middle Georgia.

Ron Davis '50 is enjoying his retirement.

Ken Shields '65 would love to hear from anyone from the early 60's at Baker.

Mike Stephens '69 teaches English and coaches track at Shaw High School in Columbus.

Wayne Munoz '72 is retired form the Air Force and works for Lockheed-Martin in Colorado. He sent some fond memories of Baker for his @Baker page.

Linda Williams '72 sent in a current picture. Thanks, Linnie!

Charles King '73 sent in an update for his @Baker page, and included a link to his personal home page.

Donna Marcum Quezada '89 is looking forward to nursing school when she and her family mobe back to the mainland from Hawaii.

November 3, 1997

Greg "Shorty" Stouffer '66 is with the Border Patrol in Texas.

Henry Land '70 is a supervisor in the laboratory at Martin Army Community Hospital.

Tommy McKenzie '70 owns Custom Radio in Columbus.

Ken Bradshaw '71 ran track when he was at Baker during his freshman and sophomore years.

Vince Pfeiffer '73 recalls having a great time at Baker. Vince, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send e-mail to the @Baker Webmaster.

Faye Beasley Bellardine '74 lives in Virginia Beach with her husband and high school sweetheart.

August Bellardine '76 retired from the Navy last July. He reports that all is well.

Frank Dunford '77 is with the Muscogee County Sheriff's Department.

Jay Portalatin '88 recalls being a class clown and Wittiest Senior while he was at Baker. Jay, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send e-mail to the @Baker Webmaster.

Mike Radney '90 works for Boral Brick and is taking courses in Ceramic Engineering at Clemson.

October 27, 1997

Beverly Burris Webb '67 has been with BellSouth since 1969. She and her husband, Howard, (BHS'68) live in Fortson, Georgia.

Terry Powers Moore '67 works with her husband in Savannah.

Bill Guenther '68 likes to spend weekends at the river.

Nancy Fuller '70 is an educational specialist.

Wendy Guenther Mock '70 teaches in Muscogee County.

Marilyn Todd Flatt '72 teaches at Fort Benning and is in school at Columbus State.

Lori Ogden Preston '73 and her husband both work full-time with the Active Guard/Reserve in Alabama.

Cyndi Pruitt Helton '73 checked in with an e-mail address.

Eddie Copeland '78 sent in a new e-mail address.

Fred Ingram '81 is an assistant professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

October 20, 1997

Betty Jane Hamilton Owens is a school librarian in Georgia

Diana Warren Tolbert '62 and her husband Jerry have three sons, also Baker graduates.

Charles Whatley '64 sent in an e-mail address.

Mary Warren Cunningham '64 is considering what to do when she has an empty nest.

Elaine Miller Filipiak '64 thinks she studied at Baker, but can't really remember.

Chester Pasko '65 has retired from the Army and started a second career.

Glenda Caldwell Hall '66 sent in a new e-mail address.

Diana Tolbert wrote with with the sad news that Arvel Hall '66 was killed in action with the Marine Corps in September, 1966.

Sharon Garbett Mizell '67 sent in some pictures for her @Baker page. Thanks, Sharon!

Sheila Mills Briscoe '70 remembers Mr. Liebendorfer fondly, and is a teacher herself.

Kitty See Greene '71 sent in a current picture. When are you going to send one?

Linda Williams '72 lives in the Atlanta area and is working on her Ph.D.

Jim Byrd Dailey '73 is working on a degree at Oklahoma State.

Jenny Maffett Quintin '73 and her husband are planning to buy a home in Arkansas.

Angela Watt '75 is a self-employed insurance agent.

Ford Mitchell '76 lives in Louisiana, but plans to move back to Columbus soon.

Jackie Sanes '86 lives in Columbus; he hopes to get a job in the computer industry.

Peter Bagarella '87 recalls his Baker friendships. He lives in Columbus.

October 6, 1997

Liz Cleveland Ware '53 checked in with an e-mail address.

Britt Ware '53 wrote with the sad news that Flora Mary Brooker McKibben '53 died on October 1 in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Chester Beverly '61 is retired from the Army and lives in Florida.

Judy Edge Ericksen '62 is back in the Columbus area after traveling the world.

Jeff Hesser '64 sent in a new e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Wanda Durden Gibson '66 has been teaching school since 1976.

Jim Meeks '66 has 29 years as a Federal employee and is thinking about his second career. Jim, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a message to Webmaster@Baker.HS.org

The BHS Class of 68's 30th Reunion will be held June 19-21, 1998 at the Howard Johnson's (former Martinique) on 4th Avenue. For more information, contact: debandtom@msn.com or shine1@mindspring.com

Walt Hingerty '68 played with the band December's Children while at Baker.

Ken Faulk '70 has retured from the Air Force and is teaching in California.

Danny Entac '72 sent us an update.

Kathleen Malone Hargis '72 sent in an e-mail address for her @Baker page

The Class of '73 will hold their reunion on July 10 and 11, 1998. Information has been mailed to every class member we know about. We are asking for help from all other Baker grads as well as the class of '73, If you know of someone who graduated in '73 who has not received a mailing from us please send their name, address and phone number to:BHS 73 Reunion Committee, 575 Morris Rd. Columbus, GA 3l906 or e-mail it to Jennifer Warren Duncan.

Wanda Brogdon Korytoski '73 liked Baker so well she became a teacher.

Michael Crase '73 sent in a new e-mail address.

Spurgeon Green '73 works for the State of Florida.

Ted Ramos '73 remembers the friends he made at Baker.

Fred Ray '73 is ready to buy a race car... and oh yes... an airplane!

Stanley Sabens '73 recalls generally staying in trouble at Baker.

Mary McKee Cannon '74 sent in a new e-mail address.

Marie Miller Powell '80 sent details of her recent move to North Carolina.

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