What's New?

What's New Entries for January - March, 1998

March 30, 1998

Bob Teaney '60 checked in with an e-mail address.

Elva Griner Sherwood '63 runs a uniform and wedding business in suburban Atlanta.

Jack Reagan '65 sent in a recent picture and a picture of himself with his family.

Mitch Church '67 checked in with an e-mail address. He'd like to get in touch with Connie Morgan, who was also at Baker at that time.

Kathy Pye Boostrom '71 works in a military hospital in Texas.

Ben Malcom '73 is an engineer for Alcatel, the French telecommunications company. Ben lives and works in China.

Janice Royal '79 has completed a nursing degree after a tour in the Army.

Randy Stinson '87 is out of the Navy and working for National Data Corp in the Atlanta area.

March 23, 1998

Columbus High has a student-run web page.

Britt Ware '53 sent in a link to his home page where he's trying to locate missing Baker students and faculty. Check it out.

Jane Locklar Gillis '57 sent in a new e-mail address.

Warren Bowland '64 will retire from the Army in June.

Cindy Kirkland Dunn '64 sent in an e-mail address. She's looking forward to retirement in a few years.

Ed Burroughs '65 checked in with an e-mail address.

John Johnston '65 is a civilian employee of the Army.

Linda Brown Masce '66 and her husband own a historical home in Columbus.

Robert Oakes '67 sent in a new e-mail address.

Livia Shaw Manners '68 lives in Tennessee. She's interested in corresponding with widows or widowers who were in high school in the 60's.

Keith West '68 is a retired Army Aviator; he's still in aviation in Alabama.

Gene Murdock '70 is practicing anesthesia at the Medical College of Georgia

Jim Green '71 and Debbie Horton Green '71 sent in their new e-mail address.

Eddie Burke '72 heard about @Baker on the radio in his home in North Carolina.

The Class of '73 is trying to locate missing classmates to let them know about the reunion. Please look over the list and contact Jennifer Duncan if you know where to reach any of these people.

Carol Carmichael Ransom '73 is active in politics and the PTA; she lives in Texas. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Debbie Cook Aman, please let Carol know.

Carolyn Malone '74 left baker to graduate from SHAPE American High School in Belgium. She's controller of a non-profit organization now.

Gary Wells '74 is an engineer for Schlumberger in Texas.

Renny Price '75 and his family live in the Columbus area.

Donnie Miller '76 just completed a computer science degree at Troy State University. Congrats, Donnie!

Jeff Norris '76 recalls working hard, playing hard, and having a great time at Baker.

Alan Jarvis '77 is a real estate developer and tennis player in Atlanta.

Frank Dunham '78 will reture from the Air Force on January 1, 1999. He still doesn't know what he's going to do when he grows up.

Kevin Quinn '78 works for a beverage company in Columbus

Debbie Hutson Steele '79 remembers bribing the hall monitors so she could leave campus for lunch.

Rodney Womack '79 and his family live in Colorado.

Catheren Burgy Gill '80 is an engineer. She's hoping to be working in Japan next year.

Kim Henry Sellers '86 sent in an e-mail address. She's getting ready to move to Germany.

March 9, 1998

Vernon Nicholson '46 was a member of Baker's first graduating class. He's retired in California.

Bill Ward '56 sent in a new e-mail address.

Jolane Leming Sartin '58 checked in with an e-maiol address. She lives in California.

Gerry Mullins Fouche '60 is a stay-at-home when she and her husband aren't traveling.

David Salmon '60 was ten years old when he started at Baker.

Karen Bowland '65 sent in a current picture.

Linda Shaw Todd '68 works for a research organization in Ohio.

Joyce Todd Flatt '72 updated her @Baker page with a new e-mail address.

George Filbeck '73 is in the Army and stationed at Fort Strwart.

March 2, 1998

Claudia Hutcherson Bost '53 is planning a South Pacific cruise in March.

Anne West Anthony '58 started at Baker in 1946 as a first-grader.

Robert Carr '59 started at Baker as an eighth grader.

Brenda Blair Royster '61 lives in Columbus.

Woody Royster '61 is in the insurance business in Columbus.

Greg Dunn '65 teaches real estate in Columbus.

Jack Reagan '65 works for a defense contractor in Georgia.

Dee Spaw Sponaugle '66 reports that she's glad to be backin the south.

Members and friends of theClass of '68 are invited to the class reunion, June 19-21 at the HoJo Express in Columbus. For more information, contact Deb Lowry.

Kelly Carney Villoch '68 checked in fro Florida with an e-mail address.

Dan Gregory '68 lives in Virginia.

Mike Cotner '71 is in the automobile business in Virginia.

Don Vest '71 lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Linda Roberts Kay '78 checked in with an e-mail address.

Steve Sabens '78 works for Pratt and Whitney in Columbus.

Nilsa Prochniak '83 says her most memorable Baker moment was "just being there."

Pattie Brady Sanchez '85 is engaged to another Baker alumnus.

James Nolin '89 is in the Navy and stationed in Spain.

February 23, 1998

Charlie Smith wrote with the sad news that Bert Smith '46 passed away last October 6.

Dick Comer '53 checked in with an e-mail address. He's in Germany.

Bob Curlee '53 is a pastor in Birmingham.

June Hines Dubishar '53 recalls a band trip to Myrtle Beach, wearing wool uniforms in 100-degree weather.

Charlie Smith '53 will reture from state government service this fall.

Bette Jones Coley '59 says she'd love to see another reunion. She's in Columbus.

Bobby Sherrard '60 lives in Florida and would like to hear from old friends from Baker.

Dave Canevit '61 checked in with an e-mail address. Dave lives in Florida.

Karen Bowland '65 is retired and just got a tattoo! She'd like to get in touch with Ritchie Stanford, '64.

Jose Rivera '65 is retired from the Army and trying to stay healthy.

Lynn Valenteen Reinhardt '65 wants to hear from friends from her "beloved Baker High."

Al Sciarrino '64 wrote to let us know that Donald K. Johnston '66 was awarded posthumously the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in Vietnam.

Dianne Bridges Nelson '67 is an "at home mom" who's venturing out into sales.

Jan Shine Briscoe '67 lives in middle Georgia. She says she still looks back on good times at BHS.

Chuck Smith '68 is in the Civil Service at Fort Benning.

Cindy Adams Ingram '71 is looking forward to her 30-year reunion.

Martha Kelley Campbell '71 lives on a farm in Texas and is thinking of buying a computer.

Mimo Butts Chittum '72 sent an update for her @Baker page and a new e-mail address.

Debra Dixon Hurter '73 is a practicing artist.

February 16, 1998

Mr. Byrd Vanlandingham, faculty taught math at Baker from 1970 until 1977.

Mrs. Vera Weaver Dawkins, faculty passed away on January 29. She is survived by her son, James Edwin Weaver BHS 64.

Frank Stringfellow '62 sent in a new e-mail address.

Donna Shine Wall '65 started at Baker in the first grade.

Sandy Schafer Curto '67 sent in an update for her @Baker page.

Al Muehlke '69 sent in a new e-mail address and a new URL for his personal web page.

Poppy Lopez '70 is VP of sales for a new denim manufacturer.

Linda Worrall Adams '70 is thinking about retiring and starting a new career... something fun.

Gay Bridges Baker '71 spent most of her freshman year trying to deny being Butch Bridges' sister. (She says it didn't work.)

Darby Britto '72 is in broadcasting in the Pacific Northwest.

Lynn Huff Meyer '72 lives in Virginia and has become an avid fly fisherman.

Potiphar Alexander '73 lives in Columbus where he works for Callaway Chemical.

Bill Britt '73 lives in the Atlanta area.

Susan Preston-Stein '73 recalls performing in the Springer Opera House while still in high school.

To all our friends from Baker, we sorrowfully announce the death of our youngest brother Scotty Tillman, Class of 75. --Evie Tillman, Class of 60; Jackie Tillman, Class of 62; Kathie Tillman, Class of 64; Jessie Tillman Ford, Class of 67; and Bobby Tillman, Class of 73

Joe Parsons '76 sent in an update for his @Baker page.

Jerome Walters '77 is a candidate for the Masters of Divinity at Harvard.

Maria Ross Beeman '78 graduated with the class even though she missed rehersal.

Clay Lietzke '86 is starting his own company.

February 2, 1998

Carol Jameson wrote with the sad news that her mother, Mary Elizabeth Hardy Pike '50 died in April, 1995.

William O'Neal '50 married his Baker sweetheart.

Emily Whitley O'Neal '52 sent in some pictures.

Laurie McLaurin Guard '64 has moved back to the Columbus area to be near her folks and is enjoying a new avocation as carpenter.

Jolene Macon '66 is a Nurse Consultant for a Columbus law firm. She and her husband plan to retire in the Columbus area.

George Gordon '67 sent in a senior picture and senior pictures of both his sons.

Sandy Schafer Curto '67 loved every minute of her first Baker reunion.

Sid Welch '67 has retired from Delta and started a technical temps business in the Atlanta area.

Patricia Jernigan Griffin '68 is enjoying her grandchildren and looking forward to her class's 30th reunion.

Tommy Kirkman '68 plans to play more golf.

Danny Kirkpatrick '70 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in Tennessee.

Terry Carley '71 has spent most of her time raising a son and a daughter, with time out to be a public defender.

Ray Cox '72 owns a security service company in the Atlanta area.

Luanne Brothers Gullett '73 is looking forward to a trip to Aruba in February.

Vickie Leyko '81 has moved back to Georgia after spending some time in California.

Lori Crosby Queen '82 has moved every two years since marrying her military husband, Ira (BHS'80).

Kim Henry Sellers '86 is in the process of moving to Germany with her military husband.

Letty DeVera '88 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

January 12, 1998

Emily Whitley O'Neal '52 enjoys gardening and traveling.

Sandye Johnson Smith wrote with the sad news that William Thomas "Bill" Berry '55 passed away December 1, 1997.

Dick Brogdon '58 now teaches at Baker Middle School.

Anyone interested in planning the 35th reunion of the Class of '63 should contact Jerry Buchanan at (770) 517-6199.

Jerry Buchanan '63 holds more than 18 patents in the packaging industry.

Sandye Johnson Smith wrote with the sad news that the wife of Phil Bean '64 passed away on January 10, 1998.

Wayne Goble '65 checked in with an e-mail address. His brother told him about @Baker.

Buddy Kahmar '69 recalls cruising Victory Drive. He'd like to get in touch with June Slaughter and Lisa Lott.

Livia Shirley Folmar '69 is science department chairman and teaches biology at Jordan High in Columbus.

Patricia Roberts Allport '70 checked in with an e-mail address.

Jay Boettcher '71 made a lot of lifelong friends at Baker. He wants to hear from some he hasn't h4eard from in a while.

Julian Hall '73 is retired military. He's currently working for MCI.

Fred Lucas '75 is a control room supervisor at a nuclear power plant.

Aaron Paschal '75 sent in an update in which he recalls what happened when Baker won the Christmas Tournament.

Tiny Tinker '75 sent in an update. She's become a grandmother, among other changes.

Kevin Burns '77 is the one who didn't wreck the fire truck!

Clara Queen Kaiser '77 advises young people today to grow up more slowly than she did.

January 5, 1998

Charles Ledebuhr '72 sent in a updated e-mail address.

William Demastes '74 sent an update. He's teaching at LSU.

Ira Queen '80 is at the JFK Special Warfare Center.

Robin Coker '88 is out of the Navy and is a radiologic technologist in Columbus.

Linda Sue Lee '88 is a police officer at the Columbus Metro Airport.

December 29, 1997

Herb Smith '63 is retired from the Air Force. He's taught all his life, but has never taught his major subject.

Michael Bixler '65 started the sign-in form, but didn't finish. Please have another go at it, Michael!

Jimmy Haick '65 has been teaching at Columbus Tech since 1977.

Michael See '65 lives in the Birmingham area and has worked inthe automotive industry for the past 20 years.

Enella Raxter Walters '66 was one of the first girls' basketball players at Baker.

Johnnie Ray Mauldin '67 is Postmaster for a large Indian reservation.

Franklin Waller '68 is a pulp and paper consultant; he lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Steve Huff '69 lives in Washington State.

Rodney Wolfinger '69 wants to hear from classmates, especially any who remember his Dad's drive-in on Fort Benning Road.

Pamela Vest '70 works for the State of Washington and enjoys international travel and SCUBA diving.

Bobbie Brandt Caldwell '72 is a psychologist on Korea.

Doug Ford '73 lives in Kentucky and works for Alcan Aluminum.

Bill Evers '75 raises paint horses.

Joe Parsons '76 lives in Alabama.

Adam Ligon '78 lives in Alabama and is regional vice president for CooperSmith.

Cathy Bowen Thomas '80 works for the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

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