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What's New Entries for April - July, 1998

July 20, 1998

Tom Farmer, Jr. sent in information for Tommy Farmer '50 who died in 1993. Tom says Tommy loved his time at Baker and was proud of being a Lion.

Jean Grogan Powell '63 ended up using her Baker High English in her career. Jean, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to the @Baker webmaster.

Judy Gehrig '68 met her first love during her one year at Baker.

Gail Reneau Dacus '68 had fun on the band trips to the Gator Bowl.

Sandi Graves Carnes '69 wants to be her own boss and move to the mountains some day.

John Crimmel '70 remembers the many wonderful friends he met at Baker.

Ralph Harwell '70 says he wouldn't change a thing about his Baker experience.

Bill Bivens '71 recalls a memorable sock hop in the fall of 1970.

The Class of '73 held their 25-year reunion in Columbus recently. Read about it as told by Terry Nunnally Todd.

Dennis Colson '73 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in North Carolina.

Bonnie Dunham Upshaw '73 enjoyed the activities of the Dandy Lions.

Ralph Mitchell '73 still "plays Army" on the weekends as a Reservist.

Lonnie Reneau '73 discovered @Baker through the class reunion. Lonnie, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to the @Baker webmaster.

Randy Fitch '75 is a manager at IBM.

Laura Ramsey Mills '77 added an e-mail address to her @Baker page.

Karen Crimmel Bierman '81 recalls a huge water fight on her last day of school.

Anna Hainer Strid '84 attended Baker as an exchange student from Sweden.

Jennifer Shafer Corkron '92 attended the last prom ever held at Baker, in the spring of 1991.

July 13, 1998

Roy Cook wrote with the sad news that Mr. Nick Spano, faculty died of a heart attack on July 3.

Joel Casey '63 checked in with an e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Gloria Taccati Nichols '63 would like to receive calls from Linda Rhoads, Donna Story, and Marie Cook.

Bob Herrington '64 has retired from the Air Force and gone back to school.

Bob Hight '64 enjoys restoring and rebuilding antique furniture.

Carolyn Scheig Bradley '64 attended Baker in the fourth grade and grades 7-10.

Lindy Williams and Sue Richburg Williams '64 send in a picture for their @Baker pages.

Ros Andrews Owen '65 is looking forward to being an Aggie mom.

Martha Shockey '72 is looking forward to continuing her travels.

Heidi Kirkpatrick Bivens '73 met her husband at a Baker sock hop.

Theresa Pasko Grandgeorge '73 found out about @Baker from her reunion announcement.

Donald Stauffer '85 sent in a long update for his @Baker page in which he recalls his careers in politics and mountain climbing.

Miles Loftin '88 works for a security services company. He says that some of the most fun-filled years of his life were his four years at Baker.

July 6, 1998

Whew! Your humble webmaster got a bit behind, but it's getting better. All the sign-ins are caught up, but there are still about a dozen update requests not handled yet. They'll get done!

Charles Hardage '54 retired last year; he enjoys gardening.

Scott Whitley '58 works as a designer and director of concert lighting.

Charlcie DeCola Barlow '59 has added an e-mail address ot her @Baker page.

Jerry Jernigan '59 started school at Baker the fourth year it was open.

William Hayes '61 is on the faculty of the Medical College of Georgia.

Bonnie Jernigan McNeese '62 has lived all over the southeast, and someday wants to move to California, maybe.

Robert Davis '62 is a physician in California.

Roy Franklin '63 sent an e-mail address for his @Baker page. Roy, we're having trouble making the address work. Please try the registration form again.

Dianne Lane Farley '63 is "the office" for a construction companmy in Ohio.

Carolyn Mullins Kuntz '63 checked in with an e-mail address. Carolyn, you have mail acceptance turned off on your account.

Kathy Phillips Jackson '63 started at Baker in the fifth grade and continued through graduation.

Johnnie Pruitt Forbes '63 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in North Carolina.

Bob Richburg '63 is president of a community college in Florida.

Robbie Boswell Williams '64 sent an e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Sue Richburg Williams '64 writes that she enjoyed being young during her years at Baker.

Lindy Williams '64 has travelled the U.S. and the world, and is looking forward to retirement in a few years.

Gwen Nicholson Lisa '65 is in charge of "birds, bunnies, and bones" at an Arizona Air Force Base.

Jack Reagan '65 sent in a new e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Wanda Durden Gibson '66 sent in a new e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Angel Santiago '66 sent in an e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Stan Wright '66 sent an e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Susie Stevens '67 checked in with an e-mail address. She lives in California.

Fred Hodges '68 was, and still is, proud to be a Baker High Lion!

Casey Hursey '68 sent in an updated e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Jacque Johnson Grotjohn '68 plays lots of golf and teaches fitness.

Cheryl Pennington Hancock '69 teaches middle school in Georgia.

Vicki Johnson Rumore '69 was a life guard at the Officers' Club during her time at Baker.

Shelia Duncan Brown '70 sent in an e-mail address for her @Baker page; she's in Florida.

James Mitchell '70 works for BellSouth in Florida.

Caroline Robinson Shafer '70 and Doug Shafer, also BHS'70 just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

Robert Knight '72 recalls that Baker won the season football championship in 1972.

The complete 1973 Lions' Pride yearbook is on line, thanks to the work of Tom Mowery, Terry Nunnally Todd, and Barden Cannamela.

Brenda Cameron Bowen '73 wants to travel to Egypt, and maybe to open a bookstore.

Linda Cameron Englebert '73 wants to travel still more, and maybe write a novel!

Ruben Porch '73 has retired from the military and is working on his teaching certification.

Lee Allen '74 checked in with an e-mail address.

Jean Ann Brown Rollier '74 is involved with restoration of the Baker Lion.

Lanora Martin '75 knew that she'd be a band director one day, and she is!

Tiny Tinker '75 sent in an updated e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Joanna Warren Vitek '75 was named Officer of the Year of the Cocoa Beach, Florida Police Department. Congratulations, Joanna!

Emory Bailes '76 sent in an update with a new e-mail address.

Sharon Stanford Owens '76 recalls when Baker played Columbus High her senior year.

Ralph Westphal '76 was only at Baker for one year, but he's still a Lion!

Neta Delffs Bollinger '77 sent in a new e-mail address.

Kim Walters '78 is in the Air Force and stationed at the Pentagon.

Mike Stanislawski '79 teaches P.E. in the Harris County schools and is interested in organizing a reunion for his class.

Liza Bell Jones '81 wants to retire by the ocean and sell bagels and muffins.

Pam Carr Harris '84 sent in a update. She's getting married July 6!

Sue Teat '84 teaches school in Cusseta, Georgia.

Kellie Mahoney Powell '86 teaches in the Chattahoochee County school system.

Dave Simmons '86 has moved back to Columbus where he works for Lummus Industries.

Blanche Moore '90 sent in an update for her @Baker page.

June 15, 1998

Mrs. Ruth Brady, Faculty taught English at Baker from 1962 until 1982. She's now retired.

Billy Bender '59 sent in an update and a correction to his name.

Sue Donahue '60 attended Baker from sixth grade to part of ninth grade, but graduated from high school in Germany.

Carolyn Simms Remencus '63 is planning to retire from government service and start a new career, or maybe just be a homebody.

Anthony Valero, '69 enjoys music and collects CDs.

Carol Rollins Dunn '72 has worked for the Muscogee County School District for fifteen years; she's starting with the Harris County Schools this summer.

Karl Von Bokern '76 enjoys his family and relaxation.

Marissa Youngmi Won Kelly '85 is looking forward to starting a new career.

June 1, 1998

Your humble webmaster has been sporadically out of town over the past weeks, but the updates are finally getting caught up. Sorry for the delays.

Kenneth Walters '56 teaches Army aviators about helicopters at Fort Rucker.

We heard from Ralph Mullins '58. Ralph, please go through the sign-in again and tell us about yourself.

Sam Beets '64 was only at Baker for the '61-62 school year before his family was transferred.

Lavada Caldwell Smyth '65 is a quiality improvement nurse in Hawaii.

Lynn Durden '65 took early retirement from the civil service "just to do something else."

Sharon Chalk Berreth '67 enjoys working on the reunions and wants to find missing members of the Class of '67.

Gary Tubbs '68 sent in an e-mail address.

The Class of '69 will have a new Grandma and two Grandpas in August when Leslie Michelle Ingram Cornett Dirks has her first baby. Congratulate the grandparents, Joy Margan, Dana Ingram, and Gene Cornett, all Class of '69.

Cheryl Pennington Hancock '69 lives in Tennessee.

Glenn Camp '70 has retired from the Army and is a human resources director in Alabama.

Wayne Hudgins '70 had too many good times at Baker to mention them all.

Bill Land '70 lives north of Atlanta and is still playing music.

Larry Engeldinger '71 works for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service in Texas.

Katharine Keil Grant '71 and her husband are getting ready for a move to Savannah. Katharine, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a message to the @Baker Webmaster.

Rick Scarborough '71 checked in with an e-mail address.

Pip Arnold '72 owns a plumbing company in Texas.

Larry Johnson '72 sent in an e-mail address.

Virgil Clemmons '73 enjoys gardening; he says the Baker Archaeology Club taught him to play in the dirt.

Carol DiCesaris Cantrell '74 sent in an e-mail address and promises more information later.

David Spaw '74 is in Alaska where he plans to stay at least until he retires. He gets back to Columbus from time to time.

Ben Holloway '76 will retire from the Navy in two years; he's planning to move to Atlanta.

Karl Hjort '77 repairs armament systems at Fort Benning.

Paula Mitchell '78 teaches second grade in Columbus. Paula, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a message to the @Baker Webmaster.

Myra Rhoden Tharp '78 wants to go back to school to become an RN.

Dianne Wilson Stanislawski '79 was the only girl in a boys' PE class; that's how she met her husband.

William Webb '84 is in the Army, stationed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he's also a student.

Kim Henry Sellers '86 is on her way to Germany; she sent a new e-mail address for her @Baker page.

James Strong '90 who was James Bazzetta when he was at Baker, sent in an update. He's with Discovery Communications, home of the Discovery Channel.

Rob Montgomery '91 sent in an update. He's studying to become a network administrator.

Elaine Vigil Montgomery '91 checked in with an e-mail address.

May 11, 1998

Phil Posey '54 has a temporary e-mail address for the summer. It's on his @Baker page.

Tinker Souders Major '60 recalls crusin' with her girlfriends. She's a media specialist with a middle school.

The 1961 Arrowhead is on line @Baker. It took a long time to get it all scanned and transferred, but it's here. Thanks to Sandye Johnson Smith '64 for lending us the Arrowhead for years!

B.J. Spratley Kinsey '65 is a civilian employee of the Army in the Atlanta area.

Bonnie Boyer Mainor '66 sent an e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Roger Delffs '66 has retired from the Air Force and is in hospital administration in Tennessee.

Michael Collins '67 sent in an e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Jackie Hughey Smith '68 helps with her husband's real estate business and takes care of her new grandson.

Lisa Richardson Montgomery '78 sent in an e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Peter Danois '88 is looking for volunteers for the Class of '88 Reunion Committee. If you're interested in working on the committee, send e-mail to petejr@webtv.net, call Peter at (706) 689-6815, or write to him at 3021 Blan Street, Columbus 31903-3121.

May 4, 1998

Jimmy Carswell '54 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in the Columbus area.

Ish Nazario '61 signed the @Baker Guestbook. C'mon, Ish, come back and go through the Sign In page.

Robert Willis '62 returned to Baker to teach for six years after college.

Sandi Demko Groenke '65 recalls the day President Kennedy was shot. Sandi lives in Virginia now.

Philip Pennington '65 says he'll teach 'til he dies. He says he remebers "getting stomped by Columbus High" in 1965, but that must have been 1964, because in 1965 it was Baker 39, Columbus 7. Philip, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to the @Baker Webmaster.

The Class of '66 produced a Baker High Calendar for 1965. It's on line for you to check out. Thanks to Kathy Omelanuk '66 for lending her calendar for an unconscionably long time while we worked on this.

Joe Jarosz '67 checked in with a short note and a promise to send more information.

Michelle Spratley Bibb '67 is an elementary school teacher in the Atlanta area.

Dorothy Ethridge Thorn '73 recalls some of the difficult times Baker went through during her years there.

Tee Harris Ervin '73 has gone back to school to work on an MBA.

Jeffrey Whitlow '75 recalls how athletics united the students at Baker.

Laura Ramsey Mills '77 keeps busy with two children and a job. Laura, we're having trouble with your e-mail address. Please send a note to the @Baker Webmaster.

Carol Ann Kaplan '81 is interested in helping organize a reunion for her class.

Henry Countryman '86 wants to be the first BHS grad to make Fire Chief.

April 20, 1998

Well, the Baker High Home Page is new this week. We were looking for a less "home-made" look. Thanks to all the Lions who worked on this. If you have comments, please send them to the @Baker Webmaster.

We heard from June Tinker whose children all went to Baker.

Juanita Golden Supan '47 was a member of Baker's first freshman class.

Earl Thomas '60 is in the insurance business in Florida and is still married to his high school sweetheart.

Robert Major '61 works for the government and lives in the Atlanta area.

Jo Ann Thomas Mount '66 has started her own direct mail and franchise business.

Frank Beard '67 checked in with an e-mail address.

Kelly Carney Villoch '68 got a new Epson Digital Camera and a new VW Beetle. Check the picture on her @Baker page.

Dale Stoddard '69 enjoys collecting police insignia.

Several members of the Classes of '72 and '73 are planning a benefit for Dick McLean '72 on May 2 at The Loft in Columbus. Please check the details posted by Tom Mowery '73.

Gini Duke Morgan '71 sent in an update. She's a newlywed!

Michael Crase '73 sent in a new e-mail address.

Milton McClain '74 sent in an update and a new e-mail address. He's retired from the Army and living in the Atlanta area.

Stephenie Pass Lopez '84 and her husband are stationed in Hawaii.

April 13, 1998

Judy Brawner Stadnick '54 sent in a new e-mail address for her @Baker page.

Bobby Renka '59 remembers sports and the sock hops from Baker. He's in the hotel industry in Orlando.

Robert Sellers '66 checked in with an e-mail address.

Phyllis Bolton Moon '68 lives in Georgia.

Don Moon '68 sent in an e-mail address for his @Baker page.

Wayne Lanier '69 sent in an e-mail address.

Puff Fellenz Dubia '70 is a financial advisor in the DC area.

Eloise Jones '73 lives in the Atlanta area and will be "doing something new" this summer.

Tiny Tinker Stroup '75 has a new e-mail address on her @Baker page.

Chip Conner '76 sent in a new e-mail address.

April 6, 1998

Phil Posey '54 teaches at Saint Joseph's College in Indiana. He's trying to locate other members of the Class of 54.

Lee O'Connor '68 is a tax partner with Grant Thornton in the Washington area.

Carl Bland '69 settled in the Columbus area after five years of adventure in the Navy.

Gary George '69 owns a motel in southwest Florida.

Joy Mellen White '69 sent in a new e-mail address.

Tami Smith Bucalo '73 was only at school with us during her senior year, but she writes that she's proud to be a Baker Lion.

Vern Marshall Jarvis '74 checked in with an e-mail address. He lives in the Atlanta area.

Tony Moore '86 is attending college and planning to become a high school teacher.

Jason Delamater '92 was one of the students who had to transfer away from Baker when the school closed. He's an Air Force officer in Japan.

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